Wednesday & Thursday – Feb. 20th & 21st

Wednesday:  Lenten Sacrifice – Read to someone else a favorite book today.  Glorious Mystery – The Assumtion for Rosary decade.

Latin – Translations pg 3
Math – Analyzing Schedules, worked some problems
Grammar – Day 2; Gender differentiations
Geography – Doing NB pages on VA & WVA

Latin – finished 2nd page translations, derivatives with Me
Math – Evaluating Expressions; worked a few more problems from me
Grammar – Stories W/A View oral with me
Science – weather check and Cloud Nomenclature cards; learning definitions

Chose Short Chains & Squares and worked independently through them ALL!
Tale of Tiggy Winkle video w/SP

Bead Stair, Lego Board & Color Bears Sort w/Matthias
BP video w/Seamus

Three olders, afternoon skiing with the Principal :))))

Sean-Paul & I napped, knitted, watched Miss Potter and made a yummy batch of Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies, mmmm.

Favorite noodle casserole from freezer for dinner!

Thursday:  Lenten Sacrifice – Memorize Consecration to Mary Prayer, pray daily, Luminous Mystery Baptism of Jesus – rosary decade

Latin – derivatives w/Me
Math – drilled reducing fractions
Grammar – excellent lesson on evaluating an Outline and it’s components in relation to her narrative she is studying, outstanding lesson!!
Geography – worked more on her WVA NB page, sorted Trees clippings for later use for US Geography box 🙂

Math – division drill
Piano – 4o minutes, nice 🙂
Science – weather check

Worked through Booklets 1-7 for Short Chains & Squares 🙂
RA to me from Primer, then I taught him next two lessons
Sand Writing Tray work; letters and 3-letter words from Primer

a little out of sorts this morning ;(

We’re expecting a very special visitor for a long weekend, we pick G-Pa up at the airport later today, off for the rest of the week!!  Hope yours is grand 🙂

Tuesday – Feb. 19th

Lenten Scarifice – Learn a Psalm of Thanksgiving today.  Rosary decade – Agony in the Garden.

Latin – translations independently, derivatives
Math – worked some problems on percents
Grammar – 1st day lesson 11, more on expository writing, wrote first impressions of her reading
Geography – Worked on Virginia/West Virginia NB page
Lots of independent reading in afternoon
Prepared dinner for us tonight!

Math – lesson on computer, Evaluating Expressions
Latin – partial 2nd page translations
Worked w/S-P
Piano 45 minutes
Outside Play!

Read aloud the first five Little Stories for Little Folks to me, then Moveable Alphaet words
Short Bead Chains and Squares Presentation w/Me; placed arrows, AWESOME!!
Outside Play!

Sorted Color Bears w/Matthias
St. Patrick video (he loves this one)

Lunchtime RA today – The Holy Twins

Nap and knitting time, blog checks, afternoon clean-up, dinner prep, outside time with boys after S-P’s nap.

Violet prepared dinner tonight, yummy!!

Monday – Feb. 18th – Washington’s Birthday!

Lenten Sacrifice – Offer every action to god today!

Morning RA – George Washington and the Cherry Tree from The Children’s Book of Virtues

Math – Percents
Latin – Lesson 8; copied vocab
Grammar – last day of lesson writing
Baked Star Scones for Teatime
Outside Play
Crafts & Reading most of afternoon!

Math – lesson 105 on computer; dividing by 10; worked some problems
Latin – new lesson 13; uploaded vocab to Excel program
Lots of Reading
Outside Play
Piano 45 minutes

Colored Rainforest Picture
New McGuffy Primer reading practice w/Me
Moveable Alphabet; spelled Primer words
Traced over Script letters from Primer
Outside play

Sean-Paul:<Bitty Baby Play
Outside w/Me

Fun Washington’s b-day Teatime with Star Shaped Scones; RA – Meet George Washington selected ch’s

Lunchtime RA – Part of Ch 3 Linnets & Valerians

Naptime – worked on book, older three PS 2 Star Wars, Sissy baked Cherry pie for dessert tonight!

Dinner – Romano Turkey Burgers, Carrots, and Roasted Red Potatoes!!

Cherry Pie in honor of George Washington!!

Thurs & Friday – Feb. 14th -15th

Thursday:  Valentine’s Day delights!  Lenten Sacrifice – Make a Spiritual bouquet for someone today!

Party with Home school friends for the afternoon!

Dinner with sweetie, kids special movie dinner night!

Friday:  Lenten sacrifice – water or black tea only today! Rosary decade, The Crucifixion.

Latin quizzes for Lesson 6 & 7
Math – chose to do a test today, excellent refresher!
Typed out Lenten Scripture reading for today

Latin – quiz
Math – drilled

Pattern Blocks
Little Stories for Little Folks; read At Mass to himself
Read-Alouds: Blueberries for Sal, Make Way for Ducklings, One Morning in Maine, The First Dog

Ball Play most of the morning
Listened to RA’s with Seamus & I

Grilled Cheese for lunch with Lenten Scripture reading.  Outside playtime, we’re getting a significant melt!!!

Stations tonight and Soup Supper.

Wednesday – Feb. 13th

Lenten sacrifice – Do someone else’s chore today 🙂 Rosary decade- The Resurrection.

Math – drills
Latin – 3rd page Translations; adjectives modifying direct objects, derivatives
Book Sharing – 3 Poems from The Complete Flower Fairies, pg 237-239 from Besty & the Great World (about the Passion Play), pg. 37 of Francie on the Run, Several Selections from her Daring Book for Girls

Math – drills
Latin – finished second page translations & derivatives; loading all his Latin vocab into an Excel spreadsheet in his hand-me-down pocket PC from daddy 🙂
Book Sharing – Ch 25 from A Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Pg 165…from #5 Hardy Boys Hunting for Hidden Gold, pg 48 from Robin Hood

Valentine picture for daddy
Hundreds & Thousands Chain & Arrows

Golden beads in ten bead tray
St. Nicholas DVD
RA: 1 is One & Around the Year by Tasha Tudor, Who is Ben by Charlotte Zolotow

Book Sharing Time: Everyone choose 3-4 from different genres fiction/non-fiction/etc and share certain sections/pages/quotes, etc.

My list – The Violet poem from Harp & Laurel Wreath, Read Aloud pg. 37 of Winter Holiday by Arthur Ransome and a little from Ch 1 of Ivanhoe (hysterical)

Lunchtime RA:  Linnets & Valerians today!  Baked potatoes.

Afternoon of Valentine making and prep for a hsing group party tomorrow.  Knitting and Classical Music.

Mediterranean Chicken for dinner, early ballet for Violet.

Tuesday – Feb. 12th

Lenten sacrifice: No sweets today!

Math – More decimal work
Latin – Drill page and declensions
Grammar – Proper and Common Nouns lesson
Geography NB page; Pennsylvania

Math & Latin before breakfast today!
Piano 35 minutes
Built Marble Shoot for little boys
Geography NB page; Pennsylvania

Cars Coloring Page
Marble shoot

Big day of skiing with daddy by himself for the afternoon!!!

Musical Instruments
Parts of Bird and Seed Puzzles w/Me, Snack
Marble Shoot

Leftover yummy Spaghetti for lunch and began yet another RA with Matthias & Violet- The Sentinel.

Afternoon of knitting, writing, and more Old Fashioned Girl w/Violet. 

Monday – Feb. 11th Our Lady of Lourdes

Another slow start Monday…Lenten Sacrifice: Build Grotto for OL of Lourdes!

Math lesson on symmetry.
Latin – new lesson, overview. LC II progressing nicely.
Grammar – Writing day, more on personification.
History – Read section on Vikings, preparing an outline/narration for tomorrow
Baked Tart Tatins for teatime (and one to save for after dinner w/daddy

Math on computer; rounding decimals
Latin – new lesson overview, chants
Science – Weather temp check/recording
Grammar – weather words
Begin Courage of Sarah Noble; read Ch 1 and narrated

Block Puzzle (tiger)
Opposites booklet, cut outs
many snacks in between these activities

RA Go Dog Go! with Me
Rice Box
Saint Bernadette video

Outside playtime before and after lunch to build the Our Lady of Lourdes Snow Grotto!!!

Lunchtime RA: Part of Ch 3 Beorn the Proud

Tart Tatin for Teatime, early dinner and then Ballet for Violet!