Thursday – 4/26

Prayers and Spiritual Communion – all, intentions.


  • Math-Saxon, new lesson, drilled division/subtraction facts
  • Latin-reviewed w/CD
  • Grammar-free write (Fairy Houses)
  • Nature/Science-Butterfly Garden; copied facts and filled out form to send in for the Painted Lady larvae!!


  • Math-Decimal System Addition to the 1/1000ths
  • Latin-review with CD and recitation of portion of Pater Noster
  • Grammar-PLL; Lesson 38 & 39 Picture Study and Composition


  • Math-Decimal System w/cubes, flats, rods; worked independently, then 2 wkbk pages
  • Planet Earth worksheet and layers of the Earth cards
  • Made Granola and Smoothies with me, then outside play

Lunch:  Cheese Quesadillas, peaches and juice

Naptime for Sean-Paul, Lego play for Matthias and Seamus, then Matthias finished writing and then added to Nature NB

Wednesday – The Day After Violet’s B-Day!

Wow, it’s been quite a whirlwind of celebrating and activity around here.  It’s very difficult to reign everyone in and try to actually get back to the learning table.  I have been insisting on Mathmatics daily, but everything else has gone by the wayside!  Here is our attempt to resume where we left off.


  • Math-Mental Math, drill (division facts), then read through her new lesson
  • Independent Reading


  • Math-Decimal System with Seamus
  • Finished Homer Price


  • Math-Decimal System with me and Matthias, three part lesson
  • Reading practice in Seton reader

Rest of the day was a blur, pretty much outside play, then dinner prep and daddy came back from being out of town!

The Week Ahead – 4/30 to 5/4

Our loose plan for this week and what we hope to accomplish.  We’ll try to read between 2 to 3 chapters in each of the following books.  In addition to our regular Math, Latin, Piano, Ballet, Art, Music, Poetry, Grammar and Writing, and Liturgical Year activities (Month of Mary).  I’m including our ACTUAL work completed on an updated "Weekly Plans" after each week is completed, see First Post and the updates in RED!

Everyone Listens:
Our Island Story
The Children’s Homer
Seabird (Almost finished with this one, we had a BIG break)
Thomas Burgess Bird Book
Archidemes and the Door to Science
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare – Hamlet

Parables from Nature
Handbook of Nature Study
The Story of the Greeks
William the Conqueror
The Apostles Creed
Saint Elizabeth and the Three Crowns
Insects by Fabre
(independent reading daily)

Ten Commandments
Additional: Great Inventors and Their Inventions (wanted online book to read like Violet, so we chose this great book!!) 

Seton Reader-beginning reading!!
The Beginner’s Bible
Coloring, Drawing
H/W practice daily
Math Manipulatives

I’ll keep our weekly running learning notes underneath this plan to see how much we are able to work through, a nice checklist for moi!  We’re looking forward to our week ahead!

Monday – St. George 4/23

OK, so this post really should be titled "the day after the weekend birthday celebration before the next birthday"!!  Yes, our sweet, dear Violet will turn 11 tomorrow, aagh!!!

OK, deep breath, so here’s how today played out, a bit lame I might add, not the stellar kind of day I had hoped for considering we’ve been  in a state of flux for well, forever!!!

Morning prayers (all)  and intentions.   

Violet and Matthias began with Latin and reviewed all memorized prayers to date and then recited.  Seamus did the Signa Crucia!  Then I handed them their new lessons and they both did their first pages, rather slowly…

Next up, Math:  drills for bigger two, new workook for Seamus while Sean-Paul played with poker chips (yes, that’s correct).  Math didn’t move much faster than Latin, what is it with Mondays??

Snacktime:  I put white contruction paper over the whole kitchen table for the kids to do a St. George scene and have some art time whilst I read some St. George stories aloud!! 

Seamus then worked on some words and practised writing them.  He had an epiphany over the weekend and can now READ his Seton reader, boy is he psyched!!  (ME TOO)

Then came the PHONE CALL, yes that would be my dh who is doing two days of classes for his RE and informs me that the house (Yes, the one we just moved back in to) is going to be shown between 3 & 5, but probably closer to 3.  UH, ok.  AAGH!!!  Explitive, Explitive…

Well kids, looks like it’s QUICK TIDY TIME!!!  PRONTO!!  Ahem, mom regains composure and we hit it right after lunch!

House now clean, two year old snoozing, me catching a few emails, and nothing at 3pm.  Four o’clock rolls around and so do they…

Rest of the day is scrapped for outside play and building fairy houses!!!

Crepes for dinner as dh is out, easy clean-up, Rosary and then Happy Feet!!!  Think about post for Violet’s b-day tomorrow, crying…

Wednesday – April 18th

OK, so it was a SNOW DAY today!  Yes, you read that correctly.  And we’re not the only ones suffering from a Spring that went as fast as it came, ahem…So we stayed IN and actually got quite a bit of schooling in today, Sean-Paul had an excellently LONG nap, and I drank two cups of tea and read all my posts for the Toddler Carnival Extraordinaire that is coming up on Friday!  It’s going to be great!!

Here’s the daily run-down:  Morning prayers, Saints reading from More Once Upon a Time Saints


  • Math- Mental Math, drill subtraction and division, Read through new lesson and Lesson practice
  • Latin-2nd page of lesson
  • 1 Ch. of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, wrote out narration
  • Grammar, orally with me
  • Science/Nature:  Finished up pages on Black Cricket and put in NB
  • Independent reading:  Mariel of Redwall


  • Math-Drilled Division, Mental Math of new lesson, more mult/divison drill with mommy 9’s
  • Latin-2nd page of lesson, recited first part of Pater Noster
  • Read 1 Ch. of SOTW
  • Narrated for his blog about his Pinewood Derby Race from Monday night, sent email and link to G & G!
  • Independent reading:  Mossflower


  • Started with his new Melissa & Doug "See and Spell"  He loves it!!  This was WELL worth the $20!  I only wish I would have bought it at the beginning of the year for him, but he’ll return to it again and again I’m sure!
  • 2 pages in his Math wkbk
  • Then we read our Seton Reader (1) and he practiced making some of his words with the See and Spell letters on the table: up, go, see, come, oh.  He did great!!


  • Started with a farm puzzle with me, then he played with his new big-green bouncey ball!
  • Tried doing some fruit cutting with sissy, but that didn’t last very long.
  • Back to the ball.
  • Nursed with mommy.
  • More ball playing.
  • Music time and marching.

Snack time brought apples and cheese.

Lunchtime was soup and sands.  Naptime for S.P. Computer time for me, reading for bigger two, and Seamus and I read his Beginner’s Bible, then he gave me a beautiful narration that I copied for his NB and then he worked on his picture for a little while.  Afterwards he decided to do the back side boards of his new See and Spell, yeah! 

Violet made Chocolate Chip cookies while I typed this out and finished my tea.  Dinner prep before Ballet-moi!  DH will drive tonight as it’s quite inclement out, still snowing!!!

We’ll finish Martha tonight with our favorite last chapter:  Hogmanay Day!!! Lissa, what an awesome book you wrote!

Easter Week Visitors!

We are havig a VERY light week of Math only and lots of family loving and learning time with grandparents this week.  We are very blessed to have them here with us to celebrate this glorious season of new life, hope and  wonder in the Lord!

Wishing you all a blessed Easter Week, we will be back on our schedule begininning next Monday!