Tuesday – Jan 30th

Violet feeling much better today, hooray, and so far no one else has come down with it, I think this is the end of it, let’s pray!

We began by reviewing the beginning’s of our Marian Scrapbook and both Violet and Matthias wanted to begin with doing the prayer copywork.  Matthias will do the Memorare, and Violet will do the Litany!

Seamus worked in his Alex coloring book, while Sean-Paul slid and I put together the Phases of the Moon accordian book for Seamus’s lapbook!

Violet didn’t get very far with the Litany and decided to put it away til later, moved on:

  • Math:  Area & Perimeter
  • Little Flowers NB pages, finishing up some on St. Monica, we discussed and compared hope & patience


  • Copied the Memorare, took all morning, but he did a splendid job

Seamus: after getting into Sean-Paul’s sliding program one too many times, I sent him to his room for:

  • building with his cherry tree blocks, crane and log loader and listening to his First Bible Stories on CD (short lived, back down again)
  • now outside to play in the sandbox, back in after 10 minutes or less
  • sat down to read one of the Bob books with him (these are just OK), next we read from the Seton Primer he liked that alot better.  Now I’m off to laminate the Phonics Pathways vowel cards so we can get this boy learning to read!!
  • cut out a color copy of the Owl in Owl Lake, set aside for lapbook, then took up the scrap paper basket and made some piles of paper cuttings

Snack time we had carmel dip with three different sliced apples, while I read aloud the Ch. on Edward the Confessor in Our Island Story, Violet and Matthias narrated back.

Lunch came not long after, tomato soup and crustinis, Violet and I cleaned up, sent everyone to read: Violet reading aloud to Seamus from Little House in the Big Woods (he loves it!), Matthias worked on St. Dominic and the Rosary, while I  did some blogging and researched Montessori math ideas for Matthias…

Folded laundry while Seamus watched The Very Hungry Caterpillar DVD, then we had a nice Teatime upon Sean-Paul’s waking with our reading of A Winter’s Tale from the Lamb Shakespeare book, almost finished it.  It’s a good one and everyone seemed to really like it, even Seamus!

Will miss Ballet tonight as Violet isn’t quite up to par enough for her class, I will not miss the drop-off pick-up 😉


Monday – Jan 29 – Violet sick today!

Our poor Violet is not well today.  She caught "the cold" over the weekend and yesterday was pretty miserable with a sore throat and headache 😦  She’s having a light day today as we try to cheer her up and make her feel better.  After breakfast she retired to her room with a stack of Ancient Greek picture books, her Spelling, Latin CD and some hot tea.  Our Lady of Good Remedy, Pray for my Violet! 

We all had prayers together and recalled The Memorare.

Sean-Paul kept asking to go to the park and slide, so I cleaned up our little tykes outdoor slide and brought it in on the gymnastics mat for him in the hallway, and tell me WHY haven’t I done this SOONER, he was in heaven ALL morning!!!

Matthias did very poorly on his math lesson, as in he didn’t do it.  Saxon is not really working for him.  It takes him SO LONG to do a page of very rote functions that he really has no trouble with mechanically, he just doesn’t enjoy it.  Too much repetition and review.  I have even cut his work load to about a quarter of what the text calls for and even squeaking out one or two problems is an eternity.  Maybe it’s just because it’s MONDAY???  Off to look for alternatives…

  • Fortunately he recovered quickly when I gave him his reading and he happily whipped though a story in Book of Sanctity and narrated it to me.
  • Recited part of his poem
  • Made a geography NB page for "BAY"
  • 1/2 hour of piano practice
  • Spelling – new lesson, sent him to look up one of his words on dictionary.com
  • Managed 10 minutes of Math-U-See drills, all functions


  • started with H/W practice, letter J
  • worked with the new Rainforest Cube Puzzles we picked up at the Zoo on friday, he did almost all 6 puzzles by himself!
  • next moved to coloring with his "pip-squeaks"
  • read What Makes a Shadow with me, talked about his shadow and how special it is!
  • worked on his Owl Lacing Card, then asked for ALL the lacing cards and did a frog

Time for lunch, leftovers and sandwiches, daddy joined us today!

Matthias read from the James Herriot Treasury to Seamus and then read a page for his Space NB in the Visual Encyclopedia of Science, what an awesome book!! 

Playtime for the boys, and naptime for baby while Violet and I checked out the cooking shows on Food Network 🙂

It’s Monday with Mary today, and that’s our afternoon!!

Friday – Zoo Day!

Yes, we’re off to the Zoo today for Owl observations and just to have fun in our beautiful Sunny Crispy winter weather we’re having, it has truly been a delightful and mild winter for us here so far, and a real joy compared to our previous locale!!

Breakfast was liesurely, I made Crepes and tidied the kitchen.  Garbage day (check).

Kids all worked on a coloring page from catholicmom.org for this Sunday’s Mass readings.  We pre-read the Gospel and readings and had a lovely discussion.

Violet and Matthias both did their Latin with their CD’s upstairs, and then I drilled a few tricky spelling words for each of the from the week. 

Matthias worked on his multiplication tables with the 100’s board and Violet did yet another page in her Area/Perimeter book.

Seamus colored and played then did a quick turn with the "Egg Sound Shakers".  Afterwards he sorted pony beads with tweezers.

Then it was time to go!!   

Dinner tonight is Tomato-Basil Baked Fish!!

Thurdsay Jan 25th Conversion of St. Paul

A super day, in all sorts of the word!!  Started our morning with a lively reading from The Golden Children’s Bible of Saul and his Conversion to Paul, the Apostle.  I then told everyone that they would have plenty of time after our morning learning to build forts and re-enact Saul’s Conversion in the Bonus room, cheers from all!

  • Everyone narrated and made NB pages.  Seamus too!!
  • Violet revisited her Area & Perimeter book, she’s whipping through this one.
  • Matthias plugged away at his Miquon like a snail, ugh!
  • Seamus colored more.  He loves his little "pip-squeak" markers we found at Office Depot, LOL!
  • Sean-Paul’s new thing is jumping on the couch, sigh…
  • Violet went up to do her Latin review on CD, then she neatly copied out the Agnus Dei and has begun to set it to memory!
  • Matthias forgot about Latin today, but did his Spelling quiz with Violet after I’d given one to her.

(We did say the Table Blessing at lunch in Latin after our usual Angelus, then all said the sign of the cross in Latin too, even Seamus can do it!!)

  • Matthias finished his Moon phases NB page.
  • Grammar for Violet, writing your own autobiography from ILL (outline today, tomorrow draft)

Let’s see…I’m a little fuzzy on the details today as Sean-Paul had me awake from 4am to around 6:30am when I was finally able to go back to sleep with him.  Sleep deprivation always seems to come at that special time of the month 😦

Well, since I can’t remember what else came before lunch, oh wait, yes, I read aloud to everyone Jean Craighead George’s One Day in the Woods.  Then we ate leftovers for lunch and I again read aloud from The Children’s Homer!

  • Violet finished up with another Bird Field Guide card, the Song Sparrow as she just read Moon of the Winter Bird last night, so this was a pseudo-narration for her.

After that it was fort time and St. Paul.  We’ll make a Book and Sword Cake for his Feast and finished the day taking Violet to ballet and a stop at the library for holds pick up!!

Turkey Pot Pie for dinner tonight!

Update:  Didn’t ever manage to cake, alas, but I did get a glorious 30 minutes at the library tout seul before I picked Violet up from dance, ah, what a few minutes without all the racket can do for a person sometimes is truly heaven. 

Piano Day!

Wednesday being Piano Day is always a quick morning and then re-group after a late lunch and resuming where we left off for some of the afternoon.  Of course all anyone ever really wants to do is play and go to their rooms to read or what not, so I don’t stress too much academics for this time of the day.  We actually accomplished much in te am so the rest of the day was pretty smooth and relaxed!  I’m so glad I got dinner in the crock this morning as well, so no worries about the 4 O’clock issue 🙂

So here’s the rundown: After morning prayer and reading about St. Francis de Sales…

Violet:  Area and Perimeter for Math, she figured out one of the more difficult ones by herself and was so pleased, as I was!

Latin review with the CD in her room

Spelling quizes together with Matthias, they like to do this, works for me too!

Grammar: had her write about her current favorite AG doll (we’re going to explore doing some more historical writings of each of the characters and start a NB for this, her idea!!)

Afternoon:  Read and wrote narration summary from Kingfisher Encyclopedia of History; Judea

Matthias:  Miquon Purple book, 1 pg. Planet Blaster Multiplication facts online, great!

Latin reviewed with me. good, recited portion of Table Blessing

Spelling with Violet

Piano practice to warm up for lesson

Afternoon:  Drew and Colored a Moon Phase page for his Science NB

Seamus:  Planet Blaster addition facts online numbers 1-15

Helped me with his "Owl" lacing card we’re making.  We took his Alex colored picture, glued it to cardstock, laminated it and then punched holes fors the lacing, very cute (pics at main blog)

Completed the title page of his Phases of the Moon book by printing (so very nicely) his name, and the words Moon Book on the card.  Now we’re ready to put it together for the lapbook!

He completed his morning by coloring anothe page in the ever famous Alex book (this will be a hit for quite a while, no doubt)!

Afternoon:  Yet, more coloring in the Alex book, drew and colored a silver moon on his color copied Owls poem page from Eric Carles Animals Animals!

Sean-Paul:  Building with Duplo’s, too cute, he loves these finally!!

ME:  Note to self:  Order MORE books for Violet for independent reading!!  I just can’t keep up with her voracious reading, it’s amazing!

Also: order books for Orchestra Unit!

RA from The Children’s Homer at lunch and finished up our afternoon with a great nature walk as our weather is just fantastic today, is Spring around the corner….pining here!

Tuesday Jan 23rd

Off to a good start this morning, until Sean-Paul decided to climb once again onto the kitchen table and knock off a juice glass, BANG!!  Shattered all over the floor…well I guess this is someone’s way of telling me I really needed to sweep and vacuum this morning, sigh.

Began with usual morning prayers, Apostles prayer and talked briefly about the life of St. Idlefonsus.

Matthias and Violet jumped right to their Saxon this morning, Matthias a little sketchey on his multiplication tables, review and drill nec.  Viole worked on angles.

Seamus worked with his "Playful Patterns" a wonderful foam set of pattern blocks I’ve had from Discovery Toys for ages!!  He really enjoyed them.  Then he finished his last two "Phases of the moon" cards for his booklet and colored another page in his Alex book.

Matthias read aloud to Seamus from the James Herriot’s Treasury, so sweet, they loved it, Sean-Paul snuck into his biggest brother’s lap to listen too, that’s what I love about hsing!!  After, Matthias made a picture for his narration.

Geography:  Two new nomenclature cards for Seamus, Violet made her own, Matthias didn’t get around to it.

Latin:  2nd lesson page for both, Violet and I discussed the absence of  the "articles" ‘the’ and ‘a’ in Latin, good review of our own grammar.  Matthias recited first line of the table Blessing.

Grammar:  Violet re-worked her lesson/composition from yesterday’s ILL assignment, beautiful job!

Spelling:  Why are they doing these workbooks, they are both such excellent spellers, well, they do love them.  Should I expect it, or merely suggest it?? Hmm…

Lunchtime brought leftovers and great RA time from Our Island Story, we LOVE this!!  King Canute, and King Edmund!  The kids all ran off to play Kings and set up a Little People playground for Sean-Paul to play with upon his waking from naptime!!  Violet is perfecting her American Girl hairstyles and taking pics for her blog.  So cute and she’s quite creative!!

Off to Cub Scouts, and then to Ballet, yummy Greek Salad for dinner tonight!

Monday, Jan 22nd

Another week has begun!  Whew, they seem to be running together these days!

A bit of  a slow start:

Violet:  Math; Saxon new lesson, line segments-good

Latin; new lesson

Spelling; new lesson, no unknown words

Grammar; ILL, composition, fine

Nature study; two more bird cards-Black-capped Chickadee, Sawhet Owl

Matthias:  Miquon; 2 pgs.

Latin; new lesson

Spelling; new lesson, spelling math fun

Grammar; PLL:  picture study and composition writing-good

Nature study; one new bird card-Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Seamus: Good Morning!!

Alex coloring book, 1st page, an Owl!!  Colored with markers.

Paper cutting with decorative scissors, made nice neat piles, sorted by color

Read The Moon Book w/ Me, then worked so hard for the rest of the morning on his "Phases of the Moon" circle book for his Owl Moon lapbook.  He’s getting so patient and able to really work on something when he’s interested!!

Everyone listened to Winter Holiday and then 2 ch’s of Our Island Story during Sean-Paul’s nap.

Monday With Mary time after lunch, beautiful.  This is working out so nicely, and so far the kids love it! Yeah!!