Monday – Feb. 11th Our Lady of Lourdes

Another slow start Monday…Lenten Sacrifice: Build Grotto for OL of Lourdes!

Math lesson on symmetry.
Latin – new lesson, overview. LC II progressing nicely.
Grammar – Writing day, more on personification.
History – Read section on Vikings, preparing an outline/narration for tomorrow
Baked Tart Tatins for teatime (and one to save for after dinner w/daddy

Math on computer; rounding decimals
Latin – new lesson overview, chants
Science – Weather temp check/recording
Grammar – weather words
Begin Courage of Sarah Noble; read Ch 1 and narrated

Block Puzzle (tiger)
Opposites booklet, cut outs
many snacks in between these activities

RA Go Dog Go! with Me
Rice Box
Saint Bernadette video

Outside playtime before and after lunch to build the Our Lady of Lourdes Snow Grotto!!!

Lunchtime RA: Part of Ch 3 Beorn the Proud

Tart Tatin for Teatime, early dinner and then Ballet for Violet!


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