Week in Review ~ 09.28.09 to 10.02.09

Monday ~ No morning basket to speak of today as I am fending off a sniffly cold and cough 😦 Readings for the Mass, St. Wenceslaus.

Presented Matthias and Seamus with their new weekly worklists that I created on Excel and they were off and running with Math! Please email me if you are interested in seeing how I set up their weekly sheets.

Violet: Math-solved proportions; Lingua Mater week 32/day3 pre-writing for poem; Reading-First Farm in the Valley, many horse related books, a Nancy Drew;  Marine Bio – pH test and salinity test with observations and notes; Religion-Confirmation ?'s. Babysat during organ lesson and after for an hour.

Matthias: Math w/ Violet; Lingua Mater; week 3/day 1-I chose a different poem to insert for this lesson "The Eagle" by Tennyson/adjectives; Reading-Castle of Lyr, The Singing Tree; Marine Biow/Violet-pH test & salinity experiment/notes; Latin prayers-begin memorizing mass responses. Organ lesson after lunch.

Seamus: Math-Lesson 28 Saxon 5/4; Green reading cards-stamped the DGE endings in a blank book; Costco trip with daddy, gone through lunch. Cello lesson in afternoon.

Sean-Paul: played game with Violet then went to Costco w/daddy and Seamus.

Tuesday ~ Quick morning basket; St Michael the Archangel, prayers and singing.

No math today for Violet. Math with Matthias-percents in A+ Notes. Seamus-Mult tables for 0, 1, 2, 5's filled in chart and reviewed the 2'3 & 3's. Sean-Paul game with sissy.

Violet: Anne copywork for Sunflower basket; Essay on kites for LM week 32; Reading-Anastasia Krupnik, Freaky Friday, Place to Hide; Confirmation ?'s; Geography-Germany/rivers

Matthias: Grammar- recited part of The Eagle/adjectives oral w/me; Reading-Castle of Lyr-finished History-SOTW4 Ch26 stockmarket crash & Rise of Hitler/marked dates on timeline/oral narration; Latin Mass video-practiced responses

Seamus: Cello practice; Latin Mass video w/Matthias; Geography-finished Wa st. page; lots of outside play with SP

Wednesday ~ Morning basket – St. Jerome and the Lion picture book and Cath Mosaic ?'s (we love this one, need to put it on Xmas list) prayers and Mass readings.

Sean-Paul: colored lion picture; Math game with mommy.

Seamus: morning cello lesson; 4 times table; Read aloud to me from reader; painting.

Matthias: Math-percents and applications with ratios/proportions-solved about 10 equations A+ Notes; Grammar-pre-writing poem and recitation; Reading-Edmund Campion, The Singing Tree;

Violet:  Reading-Plain Girl, horse encyclopedia, other stuff; Math- percents equations; Letter writing-Anne to Diana (her version of what really happened at the tea with the raspberry cordial incident :); Confirmation ?'s; Geopgraphy-Germany/regions

Sean-Paul: lion cupcake decorating w/me for St. Jerome's feast πŸ™‚


Thursday ~

Matthias: Piano lesson in morning; Geography-Germany/rivers; Grammar-write poem/?'s w/me; Marine Bio-Beach day-seaweed collection and microscope/sketches and notes/finished Ch3 Seaside Nat. Nature sketching-eagle

Violet: Marine Bio-Beach day-seaweed collection and microscope/sketches and notes/finished ch3 Seaside Nat; History-Reading SOTW4 Rise of Hitler/Stockmkt Crash-Oral narration/mark dates;

Seamus: no notes for him today???

Sean-Paul: seems he didn't do anything of note either, LOL! At least I never managed to write anything down, such is life :)))

Friday ~ First Friday Mass, Feast of the Guardian Angels and a lovely homeschool social where we created Mystical Rose Cupcake baskets with about 50 other homeschoolers in our parish, fun fun day!!

Good week.

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