Week in Review 10.05.09 to 10.09.09

Monday – no morning basket again to start the week. Mondays are always difficult for some reason, you'd think I'd have this figured out by now, sigh. Everyone did get right started on Math though, so it's my fault for not insisting that we do it first. Maybe we'll do it for lunch today.

Matthias: Reading-The Singing Tree; Math-variables, solving for; Grammar-pic study/prepositions; History-SOTW 4 start of WWII/oral narration; Piano-1/2 hour before lunch; Organ lesson today.

Violet: Horse NB-parts of and enchanted learning stuff; Math-area of triangles, cross mult/solving for variable; Reading- Blue Willow; played math game for "If you give a mouse a muffin" that she printed off of Making Learning Fun site-clothes pin activity (too cute)!

Seamus: Math-mult tables and worked some problems in Saxon 5/4 (L38); Science NB drawing; Cello 1/2 hour and lesson today; Copywork-letter C; Basketball outside w/Sean-Paul before lunch

Sean-Paul: Math- Activity with sissy

Lunchtime RA-Twenty and Ten

Tuesday – St. Bruno, collect. Matthias' 11th bday today! Bday breakfast and gift stuff, kitchen clean-up and upstairs for fun crafts in the morning.

Mass and lunch, then Latin Mass altar server training with Fr. S for Matthias and Seamus.

Bday dinner menu request: Mommy's BBQ Ribs, Baked Beans, Twice-baked potatoes, Brown-sugar Carrots, and of course a German Chocolate Cake 🙂 YUMMY!!!

Wednesday – Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Latin Missal, talked about Last gospel and meaning of St. John the Apostle's words. RA-The Secret World of Walter Anderson, poems of Robert Louis Stevenson by Brian Wildsmith (lovely illustrations in this edition).

Math for everyone ~ Matthias review of properties and mental problem solving
Violet: Percents and proportions word equations.
Seamus: review of place values to the hundred-millions, solved a few equations writing numbers in expanded form
Sean-Paul: Checkers and chess with mommy

Grammar ~ Violet: working through week 33 in Lingua Mater "The Wreck of Hesperus"

Matthias: also working on Lingua Mater day 2 prewriting and identifying prepositions in a copywork selection.

Seamus & Sean-Paul playing with their race car track!

History ~ Matthias reading more on WWII in SOTW 4.

Lunchtime RA – Twenty and Ten, finished this one.

Book discussion with Violet: Rilla of Ingleside 🙂

Matthias – piano lesson (we babysat)

Library stop and ballet.

Thursday ~ Morning basket-readings for St. Briget of Sweden (traditional calendar) prayers and singing, finished Cardinal book 1 stories (Seamus grabbed it and started it from the beginning by himself :), Katie and the Impressionists read more about Monet, Renoir and Degas.

Math-Matthias & Violet worked on Distributive property pre-algebra stuff, worked some equations. Seamus-snake game addition/made up his own equations and remembered how much he liked this for math 🙂 Sena-Paul-tweezered tiny red pom-poms onto a hundreds apple tree.

Boys to gym for basketball with daddy.

Friday ~ morning prayersand singing. Violet finishing up her Confirmation class ?'s. Wrote book review for Kathleen and the Celtic Knot.

Matthias-finished Math page on dist. prop. Then began work typing a book review/narration for Edmund Campion.

Seamus and Sean-Paul drawing together at their table.  Sean-Paul also worked on some number and letter tracing while Seamus did some copywork, letter d. I did some dinasour math w/Sean-Paul, then he wanted me to show him the short chains and squares/we did through the 5's.

Read aloud: Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg, Hedgie's Surprise, Ch 3 of Trumpet of the Swan (Seamus' read aloud right now)

Pick up Violet, Mass and lunch out. Cello this afternoon for Seamus and a concert for he and I tonight 🙂


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