Advent Week Two ~ 12.07.09 to 12.11.09

Monday ~ COLD!!!!! We are practically wearing our snow clothes upstairs in the schoolroom, no joke! It's the feast of St. Ambrose, love his story in Once Upon a Time Saints. Also read the collect and Mass readings for him today. Read about St. Alice too as it was on our Advent Cube for the day. Jesse Tree readings – Coat of Many Colors. Finished I Saw Three Ships (such a delightful tale for Advent).

I am reading An Advent Storybook to SP at bedtime, it's cute and has a nice religious message on each page relating to the day's adventure of a little bear.

Seamus and I and relishing The Mitchell's for his bedtime RA.

Violet: Math – w/Matthias A+ Notes Ch.7-3 more on linear equations and functions; Poetry – The Lady of Shallot (first 3 stanzas);

Matthias: Morning piano practice 20 minutes; Math – w/Violet A+Notes Ch.7-3 more on linear equations and functions; Poetry – almost finished w/Casey at Bat (2 stanzas to go); Grammar -  ILL#256 proper use of "shall" and "will"; Reading – finished On the Wings of Heroes! He really liked this one. Organ lesson in the afternoon. Violet and I babysat.

Seamus: Math w/me – Inv5 in Saxon 5/4 about percentages, he got it right away and enjoyed figuring out all the questions 🙂 Poetry – beginning to memorize "Long Long Ago" for Christmas; Grammar – Green Reading word list cards – "er" ending and middle sounds, copied vocab words; Cello pracitice in morning for 1/2 hour and then his hour lesson in the afternoon - a welcome activity as he only had one lesson last week 🙂 His cello teacher's mother turnd 90!!!

SP: Watched a Berenstein Bears with his cocoa first thing. He's a little stuffy today, cold weather and him don't mix well 😦 He did most of his Gingerbread Baby activities last week, but did finish a few things w/Violet this morning.

Afternoon – library run, rolled and cut out Speculaas Cookies (I know a day late for St. Nicholas, but tasty nonetheless). Violet tired her hand at piping from her deco-kit. The lemony glaze was heavenly 🙂

Yummy Beef Stew w/Leeks and Carrots for dinner!

Tuesday ~ Crepes for breakfast as it is a special feast day!! Very cold again, everyone bundled!!Advent morning basket – Jesse Tree readings for Moses, Advent cube, prayers and read collect for Immaculate Conception and talked about preparing for Mass at noon today. Read aloud The Donkey's Dream.

Violet: Reading – furiously working to finish The Endless Steppe! (and she did after Mass this afternoon); Math – worked through some more linear problems from 7-3; Confirmation prep ?'s – working through each of them and typing her answers on the computer. She and I have been slowly going through them all together as well.

Matthias: Math – 7-3 equations; Reading – started The Perilous Road and then for Grammar – narrated first few pages then copied from dictation; typed Book review on his reading page for On the Wings of Heroes w/me  

Seamus: Math – Fractions & Percents worksheet from Mammoth Math w/me; Grammar – Gingerbread Baby copywork; Made his Gingerbread Baby circle story disc w/Violet in the afternoon;

Sean-Paul: played with his cars in the schoolroom while listening to morning basket, worked on a few Gingerbread activities since we haven't cleared the shelves yet…Marbles match w/Matthias; practiced his Glockenspiel 🙂

Noon Latin Mass for us all! Take-out fish and chips for lunch and home for a nice afternoon. Love feast days 🙂


Wednesday ~ COLDER still, wowee!!! Advent morning basket – Feast of St. Juan Diego!

Violet: Began immediately working on her confirmation ?'s review; Ortho appt w/daddy before lunch; did some ? eview with her after lunch/ she's really got them down 🙂

Matthias: Math – 7-3 learning f(x), tricky but once he got it, he liked it 🙂 Reading – Beethoven (Music Appreciation) narrated a portion to me; more reading – The Perilous Road;

Seamus: Math – review of divisibility by 2 and taught him the rule for divisibility by 3 (he didn't like this much), playing solitaire 🙂 Geography – Scandinavian countries, learned names, marked capitals and boundaries and major water ways; 1/2 hour Cello practice.

Sean-Paul: enjoyed listening to the Chipmunk's Christmas Song "Christmas Don't be Late" a classic! Read Aloud from today's Christmas Rose reading.

Afternoon – made sweet bread walnut buns for tea/cocoa. Cello lessosn for Seamus

Tacos for Juan Diego for dinner!

Thursday ~ Matthias began his day with a piano lesson to accomodate his piano teacher's schedule.  Jesse Tree/advent reading – Paschal lamb/pillar of fire.

Morning RA – The Mitten with Seamus and Sean-Paul. Made mitten story pockets. Also read the Frost, Ice and Snow pages from Wacky Weather (cute series)

Violet and I reviewed her Confirmation ?'s/tommorrow's her big day with Fr.

Seamus: Math – showed single/two-digit multiplication.

Matthias: Zoology – Tawny Frogmouth research, what an interesting bird 🙂

Violet: Reading – Faces of Courage, Art Appreciation – The Impressionists/pastel drawing;

SP: built himself a respectable traintrack.

Mass at noon and altar server training for Matthias and Seamus. Violet to a friends for the afternoon 🙂 SP stayed home with daddy today!

Started my first pair of mittens, very excited to see where this leads…

Curry Chicken and Couscous for dinner!

Friday ~ Busy day, no notes other than Violet aced her Confirmation inquisition with Fr. She's very relieved and ready to be Confirmed next week :)  Also, Matthias played the Pat – a – Pat on the organ Friday evening for a Christmas program, so nice!!

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