Friday ~ Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist ~ 08.29.08

Breakfast RA – from Saints for Young Readers – St. John the Baptist

Seamus is totally taking off in his Seton reader and immediately brought it to me after breakfast so he could read aloud to me!  He’s loving being a true reader now, it’s so cool!

Breakfast cleanup and other morning chores, I love following the Motivated Moms Daily Chore Planner, it’s only $8.00 for the pdf download and so worth it!

Violet: Grammar – wrote letter to friend

Home Economics – started bread machine with our favorite White Loaf

Math – worked a page in her Suduko book of puzzles

Reading – Gone Away Lake and some Nancy Drew Notebooks, she also RA to me from Old Fashioned Girl while I worked on some knitting 🙂

Matthias:  Piano for 30 minutes before breakfast

Math – times tables sheet, completed

Grammar – re-worked writing prompt from yesterday with correct punctuation and spelling, polished a bit with me.

Reading – RA to me from Seton, then he read Pearls of Lutra at quiet time

Seamus:  Language – copied his full name with proper case on the Blue and White paper, later her chose the Curvlinear Triangle from the Metal Insets tray and filled it in nicely, much improved from last year!

Art – worked on coloring a Eastern Box Turtle picture with Sharpies from our Forest coloring book, Color Mixing again

Outside time he made a bow and arrow from some sticks collected this past weekend on a hike, very cool!

Sean-Paul:  Good day form SP.  Color mixing kept him busy for another half hour this morning, then he asked for the Rice Box.  Outside and back again and mopped a portion of the kitchen tile.  Many read alouds from favorite board books, still need to get his list up, probably after the MOVE!

Signing off for now, next week will be REAL life with lots of action and reading in the car!! 

Love and blessings to all my readers,



Thursday ~ St. Augustine ~ 08.28.08

Breakfast RA – from Saints for Young Readers for Everyday – St. Augustine.  Signing Time Songs CD, "Do You Know the Colors of the Rainbow" lots of singing and dancing!

Morning Prayers and Devotions – prayed a rosary decade chosen by Violet – Wedding at Cana

Violet:  Math – fractions and decimals

Latin – worked through page 3 of her lesson, she’s doing great with her translations with very little help from me.

Grammar – quick grammar study finishing lesson on predicate nominative and polished her Interpretation writing.

Independent Reading – Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright

Matthias:  Piano after breakfast – 45 minutes, worked heavliy on Canon D and Fur Elise

Math – times tables review sheet and worked with the Multilication Bead Board for variety.

Latin – review pg 2

Grammar – writing prompt – Describe Obi Wan from Episode 3

Independent Reading – the next Redwall, Pearls of Lutra

More Piano after dinner about 20 minutes.

SeamusMath – Acorn Counters with # cards (thanks Nina😉  Spindle Box presentation, he did this perfectly the first time!

Language – RA from his Seton reader, he’s doing great with these.  It’s the first three books in one and he finished book one today!  Finished up with the Pink series with the last few Pink Sentences cards before lunch.  More Seton reading in the afternoon.

Art – Color Mixing activity, this is a must have for your 3-6 crowd, so fun and so easy to set up!

Sean-Paul:  Pouring pitcher to pitcher for Practical Life.

Art – Color Mixing Activity for a little over a half hour, SCORE!

Geography – African Animal matching

Lunchtime RA – Finished The Mitchell’s Five for Victory!  What a GREAT book!

RA a chapter of Henry and the Clubhouse at dinner!

Newsie’s for movie night and more popcorn, woohoo!

Wednesday ~ St. Monica ~ 8.27.08

Today was Library Day and so we did errands while out as well, post office and groceries. 

Lunch just before departing was left over lemon chicken and pasta, love those leftovers 🙂

Kids played outside most of morning doing bubbles and gymnastics, PE right!  Then they danced and sang a bit to the Signing Time Songs CD.  If you like the DVD’s the music is the best!

Dinner was easy and good, Tacos and strawberries! 

We also had popcorn and a movie as dh is still away!  Looking forward to all our new books for tomorrow!

Tuesday notes ~ August 26

Another great day! 

Breakfast RA – again from Saints for Everyday for Young Readers – St. Elizabeth Bichier.

Morning Prayers and Devotions – prayed a rosary decade chosen by Sean-Paul – The Crucifixion

Listening – as everyone sat down to lunch I turned on this CD and we all listened with intent to Scottish Fantasy, it’s beautiful!  Had good discussion of what we liked and about violinists in general! 

Lunchtime RA – another 2 ch’s from Mitchell’s! Only 2 more to go!

Violet:  Math – converting fractions to percentages, plus drill and mental math

Latin- Day 2 of her Lesson 16

Grammar – Day 3 of her Lesson 15; pre-writing of an Interpretaion of a poem.

Handicrafts – Knitting!

Matthias:  Piano – about 25 minutes before breakfast, started his new charting.

Math – Finished yesterday’s lesson

Latin – continuing with review lesson

Grammar – Beginning a Redwall copybook and chose a selection from Outcast

Seamus:  Math – Golden Bead work, review of decimal system and he worked making his own numbers and showing them to me with the wooden number cards.

Practical Life – He was excited to see Sean-Paul peeling carrots and asked if he could be next, SURE!

Language – reviewed presentation/lesson The Article Game of the "a" and "the" in both upper and lower case.  He made up his own sentences with the appropriate case with the cards and objects 🙂  Then he went through about half of the Pink Sentences cards, he’s really done with the Pink Series, time to go BLUE!!!

Sean-Paul:  Practical Life – First time peeling carrots, he loved this and did about 3 or 4!

Pre-Math – chose Snap Cubes again, then I presented a Button Sort lesson with four each of four different buttons for him to sort into dishes.  He whipped right through this about 3 times!

Naptime RA – There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, always hysterical!  **(Note to self, need to put up a side bar of SP’s favorite books)

Daddy out of town tonight, Lemon Chicken with Penne Pasta,  Honeydew chunks for dinner!  RA another ch of the Mitchell’s!

Violet and I watching Miss Potter tonight 🙂

The New Year ~ We’ve Started, Sort of!

We haven’t quite moved yet and are still in a state of being "half-packed"!  It was definately time to resume our studies and there’s nothing quite like a new year, new books and a new outlook to ease the pain of an up coming move. 

Not that we aren’t ecstatic about our new destination, but you know how it is!

So, "Off We GO!"

Breakfast RA from Saints for Everyday for Young Readers – Saint Louis of France

Morning Prayers and Devotions – prayed a rosary decade chosen by Seamus – The Annunciation

Lunchtime RA – 2 ch’s of The Mitchell’s Five for Victory We’ve been reading this over the summer and we’ve only a few more chapters to go.  We’ll be sad to finish it, but the good news is there’s two more in the series 😉

Violet:  dove right into her Saxon Math 7/6, I actually think she missed it over the summer despite my good intentions of having the older kids continue on in their books, sigh…at least she was excited about it, big hurdle!

Latin – Latina Christiana II, she’s on Lesson 16, so just picked up where she left off.

Grammar – Lingua Mater, again picking up where we stopped in the Spring, Week 15, Day 2 – grammar work on "predicate nominative"

Independent Reading – so many books for her this year, I hope to keep her well-stocked 🙂 She’s enjoying The Middle Moffat currently for fun reading and I gave here Beyond the Desert Gate which is one I forgot from last year. 

Kitchen – Baked a yummy batch of Smooches Cookies in the afternoon! (email me if you want the recipe, easy and good)

Matthias:  Piano – working on at least 30 minnutes before breakfast and then up to another 30-45 combined in the afternoon and evening!  He structured a great Excel practice sheet for himself that I typed up 🙂

Math – Saxon 6/5, he’s also picking up from late Spring, good review of word problems.

Latin – Latina Christiana I – Review Lesson 4, lessons 16-20

Narration – he just finished Outcast of Redwall and gave me a great oral narration, what a fun book!

Reading – he RA a story in one of his Seton Faith and Freedom Readers (we LOVE these)!

Seamus:  Most of his day was free choices and just remembering "how" we do school, so to speak!  He started with some snap-cubes and built some great things, then moved on to creating some Mosiacs with our Mosaic Mysteries (a favorite Discovery Toy).

Lots of outside play with/Sean-Paul as our weather is stellar right now.  I RA 2nd half of a chapter of Henry and the Clubhouse.  He is totally loving all the Beverly Cleary books this summer!

Reading lesson w/ me – 2 stories from Little Stories for Little Folks.


Snap cubes with Seamus.

Outside time.

Cows in the Kitchen board book, and yes we sing this one!

Signing Time Songs Vol. 4-6 CD – dancing and singing time, tons of fun!

It was actually a pretty full and fun day and we are so happy to have a focus aside from packing!!

Thanks for stopping in today, blessings!