friday 10.30.09

Morning Basket ~ Art Ap – Fresco of the Church Militant and the Church Triumphant by Andrea di Bonauito at the Museo di Santa Maria; then we had a discussion about the Communion of Saints and how we fit into the Universal Church as pilgrims of our faith still living on earth and why it's important to be praying for people on all levels of the Communion of Saints. 

I read aloud several October poems and notes Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady (the fruits and berries she spied in October), "To Autumn" by Keats, "Give to me the Life I Love" by RLStevenson, "That autumn eve was stilled" by R. Browning; then we moved on to Athena and Arachne from D'Aulaires Greek Myths

Free Choice Day, also share some work from the week, and tidy up day: 

Violet: Shared her Horse NB work, some geography work on cities of Italy, and a titch of her Marine bio project, she'll complete and present it on Monday! Worked on Marine Bio project, reading Anne of Windy Poplars.

Matthias: Shared some Latin responses from memory, and his Math accomplishments in his algebra book. Worked on a History of Mariners Baseball team/created timeline; Reading-Enemy Bros.

Seamus: Shared his Columbus drawing, his Leaf rubbings book and his Fractions-to-decimals math page. Math, paper airplanes from Dangerous Book for Boys, listened to ch of Trumet of the Swan.

Sean-Paul: listened to Athena story and then went down for breakfast (he's such a late riser compared to all the others). He brought me a stack of books including: The Book of Virtues and I read "The Sword of Damocles", Christina Rossetti's Sing-Song Nursery Rhymes and I read "Hope is like a harbell trembling in its birth", If You Were My Bunny by Kate McMullan (a reading/singing boardbook he loves).

Lunch- RA 1 1/2 ch's Winged Watchman.

Ballet rehearsal and watch night for Violet and I 🙂

Our little village has commercial candy hand-out this afternoon, so my older boys decided to go down, Matthias with a friend and Seamus w/daddy. Tomorrow we'll have our own All Hallow's Eve carnival, should be a fun weekend, All Saint's Party at our parish as well.

Happy Weekend all!!

thursday 10.29.09

Light morning basket today ~ read from a sample of Nature Friend Magazine, very nice, ordered subscription promptly!  H/T: MaryEllen and Jen 😉

Math – Multi-step equations w/variables in A+;
Zoology – she opted to work on her Marine Bio project;
Reading – Anne of Windy Poplars; Rested all afternoon (pooped)!

Math – Multi-step/cont. from yesterday;
Zoology – Baraccuda research & oral report
Reading – Enemy Bros., Baseball Encyclopedia (brushing up for tonights World Series game 2 😉

Math – skip counting review 5's & 6's marked squares, Inv 4 in Saxon 5/4 fractions & decimals reading tenths, hundredths, thousandths :);
Zoology – chose the Baltimore Oriole and the Bullocks Oriole to research and compare and then gave a lovely oral report;

Sean-Paul: mostly messed around, sigh…why are some weeks better than others??? He managed to do a little presentation on the River Otter for Zoology, cute.

Lunch – leftover Ribollita and bread; then started our new Historical fiction RA – The Winged Watchman while Violet organized her embroidery tin and the boys built lego creations.

Kitchen clean-up, chores and music practices including SP on the Glockenspiel, he sets himself up for practice every day now, very cute!! He's pulling out all his Musikgarten cd's and listening regularly to them as well, he's a music boy just like the others :)))

Sean-Paul and I made a Pumpkin pie together 🙂 Then had to dash to the store for one ingredient mid-pie, yikes!! Also grabbed books at the library.

Greek Salad w/Naam and Hummus for dinner, kids had grilled burgers and crinkle fries.

World Series game 2….

wednesday 10.28.09

Morning Basket ~ Sts. Simon and Jude; Saints for Young Readers; prayers; finished Snow Treasure!!!

Lingua Mater – picture study, synonyms with me;
Religion – Catholic World Culture about Cardinal Mendszenty/discussion with me
Reading- Anne of the Windy Poplars and an American Girl History novel (India?? need to check)

Math- worked on Multi-step in A+ Notes 6-6, did great on his own, he's got this down.
Saints Stories – St. Maximillian Kolbe – discussion/narration w/me;
Reading – Enemy Bros.

1st thing – Skip counting review 6's, 2,3,4's and a hop-scotch 3,4,5's, listened to RA and then off to his Cello lesson w/daddy (back for lunch).

slow morning for him, listened briefly to RA, then wanted to watch a Caillou w/cocoa; Coloring/Pumpkin stuff

Lunch – Sticky Buns for St. Jude (he gets us out of sticky situations). Prayers and petitions to St. Jude.

Afternoon – Matthias and SP played legos.  Piano lesson and we babysat both the piano teacher's kids, whooppee! It was entertaining to say the least…

Seamus and I did a Home Geography lesson about directions, using a compass, etc. We mentally mapped out how to get from the park to our house walking and from his bedroom to the schoolroom. Then I typed out some copy work for him to reinforce the lesson.

Lots of Marine Biology research/note taking by Violet, she's preparing her project for Friday.

I wrote down quite a bit more for this day, but somehow typepad ate it or didn't save when I hit save??? It was a good day and people were busy busy…

Ballet night.

Dinner – Ribollita with Homemade Artisan Bread.

tuesday 10.27.09

Morning basket ~ morning prayers and singing; helped Seamus choose a RLS poem to begin memorizing (Where Go the Boats); read aloud 3 ch's of Snow Treasure.

Listening in the Learning Room: More Vivaldi and Nature Sounds 🙂

Math – A+ notes, cont yesterday's work;
Botany- Sunflower sketch/parts/description;
Lingua Mater- Synomyms work;
Written narration/book review for Miss Happiness and Miss Flower;
After lunch- Marine Bio – project research!!

Math – A+ notes, cont yesterday's work;
Botany- Leaf shape cards/definitions;
Grammar – ILL #202 "The Gleaners" picture study w/me,
Copied another stanza of Casey at Bat;
Reading – finished Motor Boys;

Cut & pasted many jack-o-happy pumpkins (he's making a mobile);
Math – skip counting 12's;
Grammar – homonyms cards matching game;
After lunch – Religion FYC w/me beginning the Ten Commandments/copywork & catechism/Moses;
Reading – independently read in his Seton reader;
Cello practice 25 mins

P Sound Bin (beginning Pink Reading Series) w/me (includes sandpaper 'p' and HWT wood letter 'p');
Colored St. George from our new and very handy Saints CDs from Catholic Artworks Co.
Tried the Pumpkin quilt block puzzle, but he got frustrated as the pieces kept moving around on him 😦
Cut and pasted shapes for a jack-o-happy

History RA time – Snow Treasure 2 ch's

Lunch – little boys outside for some ball play, lunch clean-up, laundry switch

Dinner prep, ballet tonight. 

monday 10.26.09

A little bit of a late start but not a bad monday morning  🙂

Morning Basket ~ Talked about the beautiful Feast of Christ the King (Traditional) and yesterday's sermon by our beloved priest.  Read about the Evening Primrose from HBNS and accompanying poem, wished we had some in the yard. Singing,  St. Everistus (1st c. trad calendar) 

New week of activities for SP "Pumpkin Theme" very fun! She's really enjoying putting these together, and such a big help to moi!!
Math – A+ Notes 6-5 2-step equations w/variables;
Lingua Mater – Week 34 picture study/synonyms day 1;
Reading – Downright Dencey (I think) and others;
History – Landmark about rise of Moussolini/Hitler
Marine Bio – spent a long time researching her topic for project week!!

Math – A+ Notes 6-5 2-step equations w/variables;
Grammar – Casey at the Bat/began memorizing (and recited from the book at Poetry time) copied first stanza into his poetry book;
History – SOTW4 The Marshall Plan;
Reading – Working on Motor Boys, almost finished

Math – squares/square roots drill, skip counting 11's, Mental math from L 43;
Green Reading sounds aw/au;
RA w/SP and I "It's Pumpkin Time" and Lifecycle of the Pumpkin 3-part cards;
made a pumpkin mask;
History – RA Christopher Columbus (d'Aulaire) and sketched an incredible picture from the cover design of Columbus, then dictated a narration of the first portion to me.

Pumpkin Seeds game with me,
Letter stamping  activity;
made a bakeable eraser from Matthias' kit;
paper cutting – triangles,
RA w/ Seamus and I "Its Pumpkin Time" and Lifecylce of the pumpkin 3-part cards; 

Lunch – Left over Beef Bourguinon (yum) RA – 3 chs of Snow Treasure.

Afternoon – Seamus Cello, Matthias Organ, Violet babysit and Marine Bio research on her new project (shes really excited about it, might be a year long project in the beginning stages!!!)

Stir Fry for dinner/bean and cheese burritos for the kids.

thursday 10.22.09

Religion work for everyone while I snuck in a quick waffle and cleaned up the kitchen, SP finished Nim's Island w/cocoa. Nature Sounds background music.

Morning Basket ~ David Nevue while I RA 2 ch's of Snow Treasure, we're at a really good part and want to read it every chance we get!! A few RLS poems "Escape at Bedtime" and "The Cow" (Violet has fond memories of this one as it was one of the very first poems she memorized as a Kindergartner ala Laura Berquist's K syllabus 🙂

Math – A+ Notes lesson 6-4 Solving 1-step equations/check work
Zoology – worked on her History of the horse and shared her findings on "The Shire"
Reading – A Gathering of Days by Joan W. Blos

Religion – read about Guardian Angels and shared
Math – A+ Notes lesson 6-4 Solving 1-step equations/check work
Zoology – chose a King Cobra to research and present 
Reading – Handbook of Nature Study – weather and climate pages

St. Francis w/ colored pencils
Math – skip counting 9's; L-41 Subn across zero (three-digit)
Zoology  – Trumpeter Swan research and presentation :)

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Little Saints activity page w/me.
Dog's Colorful Day visual discrimination cards/felt dog activity also w/me;
then again w/me – Math work with golden beads 1's and 10's and number cards (he's really not quite ready for this yet);
Zoology – Hairy woodpecker cut out a picture and added it to his W page then shared his information with us all (very professionally I might add) 😉
Outside to rollerblade before lunch;

ALL ~ Art Appreciation time: viewed and compared four different Autumn scenes, each child chose a different one to re-create with oil pastels (pics coming soon). Listened to Vivaldi's Autumn again!

Lunch: delicious leftovers and 2 ch's of Snow Treasure!

Afternoon – outside time for all three boys, kitchen clean-up and email check.

Violet worked on her Mangroves page, then trying to finish up her Confirmation ?'s for tomorrow's class.

More reading and outside time, knitting stuff, dinner prep…

Matthias decided to make Panna Cotta (from Barefoot Contessa at Home).

Cello practice for Seamus about 25 minutes. He's got three really nice pieces he's working on right now – Tarantella, Elfin Dance and Dance Rustique. Piano after for Matthias.

Ballet for Violet and rehersals tonight. Quick library stop for pick-ups! (Need to do another pick-up post soon 🙂

Minestrone for dinner and homemade bread (not sure which one yet, but a bread machine selection tonight)!

Looking forward to the weekend 🙂

wednesday 10.21.09

Morning Basket ~ Morning prayers at the breakfast table while we awaited our Apple Puff Pancake to cool (it was a little bit like the Three bears and the hot porridge) It was very tasty after it cooled.

Music Appreciation focus this morning – listened to Vivaldi's Autumn, then Tchaicovsky's October Song, it was decided that we liked the Vivaldi better. I also played some other random Vivaldi's and our favorite was this one – Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera :)

Math- A+ Notes: found the area of some complex shapes and wrote the correct expressions using variables and exponents  
finished her ballad, very nicely done "The Ballad of the Haunted Wood" inspired by the woods scene in Anne of Green Gables :)Saints- St. Faustina in Stories of the Saints Vol II
Marine Bio- worked on her seagrass reading and research and then read about Mangroves and produced her sketches from the text, sadly we won't be seeing any of these beauties up close any time soon, unless some one has any tickets to Florida, say anywhere near Theresa???

Math- A+ Notes: found the area of some complex shapes and wrote the correct expressions using variables and exponents;
New morning piano lesson;
Grammar- comparing poems by Helen Jackson Hunt and Beecher (ILL #198);
Reading- Enemy Bros.; 
The Greeks and the Solar System in his Dangerous Book for Boys – read; 
Latin responses w/Seamus;

built marble structures during Music time
Math – skip counting 8's;
cello lesson; blue reading objects and words and moveable alphabet (Violet helped hime with this while I got lunch going);
Reading – Seton; Billy B copywork "f" and Trumpet of the Swan copywork;
Latin responses w/Matthias

painted a dixie cup getting ready to make a "tiger cup" in the same fashion as his "doggie cup" (need to post pics)
marble towers w/Seamus during Music time
watched Peter and the Wolf w/ a snack
finger plays w/mommy The Bees and the Ants (cute)
outside time

Lunch- leftover Soup from last night, so yummy!!

RA – 3 ch's of Snow Treasure, this one is getting good 🙂

Afternoon work entailed Marine Bio, copywork and reading by most. SP went to Costco w/daddy -THANK YOU!!!!!

Finished my knitting project, will try to get some pics up on Threads or Main blog soon. Think I'll make one for Violet now 🙂

Lettuce Wraps for dinner, one of our favorites and SO easy!!!