Wednesday – 9/19 – Our Lady of La Salette

Read a beautiful story about the Apparition of Our Lady of Tears, at La Salette France.  The kids loved hearing this and we then prayed a decade of the Rosary for the Resurrection. 

Prayer intentions and then we read our new Catholic Mosaic that I was thrilled to find at Barnes & Noble over the weekend!  Mother Teresa by Demi! What an incredibly detailed life of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for young children, this one is a winner Cay, we loved it, albeit a few days past her celebrated day, it was great!  The kids also colored their stained glass drawing from Fenestrae Fidei which is a lovely accompaniment to our Catholic Mosaic program!!

No presentations today as we are heading out of town for the next week, so I gave everyone Choice Time of anything that we have covered so far since we started back with our learning!

Matthias picked the US Puzzle Map and a state Research page, he chose our home state and worked all morning on a lovely notebook page 🙂

Violet chose to do the Africa Puzzle Map and arrows again and she did great almost without any help from the Control map, then she too picked a state to research and made a super page for California!!

Seamus chose the Color Mixing Activity and then Bead Spooning. 

Sean-Paul could hardly stand to sit back and let Seamus do the Color Mixing, so I helped him do it for a bit after Seamus.  Then both of them decided to do pouring the blue water into the Landforms Clay molds.  This went well for a little while 🙂

Our weather has been a bit cold and dreary today so I called for a later morning Teatime and English muffins with cinnamon sugar!  We had a great RA time with a chapter from The Ides of April, this one is coming along nicely, I need to bring it on our trip 🙂

Enough notes for today, packing time!!!  See you next week friends!

Tuesday – 9/18 Our Wedding Anniversary!!

Having guests for dinner tonight so quick morning of learning and began preparations for the evening!!  LOTS of house cleaning which was mainly decluttering!!

Morning Prayers and intentions.

Math for all again Seamus counted the Thousand Chain w/Arrows for the first time, it was awesome!! Latin, Grammar, then I Presented the Parts of a Seed Puzzle, Workmat and Control.  Our Three-Part Cards vary slightly from our puzzle so It was a titch confusing for my Seamus to do his labeling, but he stuck right along with it and did fine.

Made Outrageous Brownies and Chicken Stew with Biscuits for our dinner, it all turned out really good and now we have lots of brownies to take on our trip!!

**We quietly celebrated our 14th Anniversary today, wow!!  It’s been the best 14 years, that’s for sure 🙂

Monday – 9/17 – St. John Bellarmine

Prayers, Rosary for Baptism of Jesus, St. John Bellarmine reading.

Everyone started with Math right off:

  • Violet:  Division Board facts 2’s & 3’s, New Saxon 6/5 lesson – #’s into the Hundred-Billions, worked through practice set and lesson problems
  • Matthias:  Saxon Investigation lesson on computer – Graphs
  • Seamus:  Multiplication Bead Board facts 1’s & 2’s
  • Sean-Paul practice colored bead stair with me 🙂


  • Parts of a Flower Puzzle, Workmat & Control Card, Three-Part Cards.  Matthias made a booklet, Seamus learned the names and colored and labeled his flower as well as Violet.

Choice Time:  Outside play today!

Other Learning:

  • Grammar – Week 3, Day 1 Lingua Mater, poetry selection – Violet
  • Grammar – Oral Pll lesson w/me and then copywork – Matthias
  • New Latin lessons, page 1 for both Violet & Matthias
  • Middle boys did lots of comics book making and drawing and listened to "Other People, Other Homes"  (we’re sure getting LOTS of mileage out of this one, it’s pretty engaging)

Naptime for Sean-Paul, took him a while to get to sleep, everyone else independent reading time and afternoon chores. Ballet for Emma, dh dropped, I picked up!

Four cheese Ravioli with my homemade Marinara Sauce, yummy and easy 🙂

Bedtime stories:  How do Dinosuars Say Goodnight? and How Do Dinosaurs Get Well?  (do you see a trend here??)

Friday – 9/14 – Exaltation of the Holy Cross

We had a quick, but nice morning of learning before we headed off on an overnighter (just me & the kiddos).  Prayed our Rosary decade for the Crucifixion, then read the very special and beautiful Tale of Three Trees, one of our favorite Catholic Mosaic books!  Afterward we had some discussion about the book and got ourselves out the door!  Next time we’ll do some crosses!

Matthias’ piano teacher was happy to see him after two week’s time and he had a GREAT lesson!  We’re so happy with his progress and seems remarkable to us!  After we had a fun time at the skateboard park, a library visit, then to our hotel for some great pool time!  We had a nice dinner at a great Italian restaurant and the kids were SO good for me!  I was very pleased as it’s hard to travel with littles by yourself 😉

Next day brought more library time, some errands and a fun time at a great Discovery Center!  Park time, and lunch on the way home! 

Upon or arrival at home Daddy said it was TOO quiet for him, I think he’s glad to have us home, even if it was only overnight 🙂

Thursday – 9/13

Prayers and devotions, read about St. John Chrysostom, candle and decade of the rosary, intentions.


  • North American Botany Leaf Cabinet to Seamus & Matthias, matched Three-Part Leaf Shapes Cards/Names
  • Sound Bins "b" & "f" with Seamus

Choice Time:

  • Traced and Labeled "Hastate" from Botany Cabinet – Seamus
  • Drawing of Earth & Space Shuttle – Matthias
  • Dinosaur Research – Violet
  • Africa Continent work – Violet
  • Paper snipping with new scissors – Sean-Paul
  • South America Puzzle Map onto Control – Seamus (while listening to "Other People, Other Homes")
  • Looked extensively at Mammoth Dinosaur book – Seamus, much discussion with mommy
  • Dinosaur matching – Sean-Paul
  • Europe Puzzle Map and arrows, then built onto mat without Control – Matthias
  • Finished coloring his Butterflies picture and hung up – Seamus

Other Learning:

  • Read in New Way Things Work and narrated – Inclined Plane work for me to type
  • Violet & Matthias  – Latin lesson page 2

Ballet again for Violet, dh drove tonight 🙂

Wednesday – 9/12

Prayers, candle and Decade of the Rosary – Coronation of Mary, St. Joseph prayers.

Presentations: Seamus asked for the Parts of a Leaf today!!

  • Parts of a Leaf Puzzle, Workmats & Control Card.  Again, everyone colored and labeled
  • Geometry presentation tray (Elementary layout) to Violet & Matthias
  • Triangle presentation drawer Violet & Matthias
  • Addition Strip Board, 1’s addition booklet- Seamus
  • Colored Bead Stair, make tens – Seamus

Lunchtime – Angelus, and RA:  SOTW Volume 2 first 2 chapters. Violet drew another Night in the Country picture with colored pencil on black paper

Naptime for Sean-Paul.

Other Learning:

  • Seamus listened to Other Peoples, Other Homes
  • Matthias colored his leaf
  • Violet read 3 ch’s of Galen and the Gateway to Medicine
  • Grammar with Me – Violet Lingua Mater
  • Grammar with Me – Matthias PLL Lesson 42

Choice Time:

  • Cylilnder Blocks 1 & 2 – Sean-Paul
  • Trinomial – Violet, more ironing
  • Dover Butterflies coloring pages and cut out Insects stickers – Seamus
  • Matthias read 1 ch of A Lion to Guard Us and then some Salamanastron

Afternoon Pudding Snack prepared & served by Violet.  Emily Dickenson poetry RA!

Ballet for Violet, me grocery stop on way home.  Crock pot ribs, me pick up!

Bedtime stories:  Where Snails Go, and The Storm Book!

Tuesday – 9/11

Prayers and devotions, especially for all the victims of Sept. 11th, Mary Candle & Decade of the Rosary – Agony in the Garden.


  • Parts of a Tree/Plant Puzzle, Control Mat and Work Mat (ala LaPaz Learning Style) Three-Part Cards and definitions:  Each colored their own Tree and labled.  Violet also colored in the Tree I made into the workmat 🙂

Choice Time:

  • India notebook page from CJLM
  • Playdoh action – Sean-Paul, then all joined in 🙂
  • Stamp Game, all four operations – Matthias
  • Binomial Equation – Violet

Other Learning:

  • Latin – new lessons Violet & Matthias
  • Reading

Lunchtime RA:  A Life Like Mine, read about Water and then listened to "Other Peoples, Other Homes"  audio book

Outdoors for everyone!! Then naptime for Sean-Paul!

Afternoon Teatime:  Art time, Night in the Country then, listened to Raffi CD, starting to learn French song: "Savez-vous Planter de Chous"

Chicken Curry Soup, Whole Grain Bread and Salad, outside play until bathtime. Matthias 1 1/2 hours of piano practice 🙂

Bedtime Stories:  Quiltmaker’s Gift and What Do Dinosaur’s Do to Get Well?