Monday ~ 02.23.09 ~

Weekend went too fast…still trying to get over my cold, Violet is good now!  She's ready to go back to ballet, ankle doing better.


morning prayers, rosary

everyone math, we're in a good place with everyone here
M-Saxon 7/6
S-tons of Montessori and worksheets(about 2-4th grade level)
SP-took all the Saxon Manipulatives out of crate and explored each one!

M-My Path to Heaven and ?'s w/ me, Stories w/a View poem study & doing his own, Ozone book-told us about this at length during breakfast, RA from Seton to me, 45 min piano and organ lesson today

V-copywork from Eight Cousins, read Seton (narr), Sammantha book reviews (her own historical trail), reading Great Horn Spoon, finished Black Hearts in Battersea over the weekend, babysitting organ teachers babygirl for an hour, then off to PT and ballet

S-LSLF level 2, book 2 w/ me, puzzles with SP, rokenbok w/SP, *helping* V w/babysitting

SP-many self-directed activities during math time – so great to see him getting comfortable with being able to *do* stuff w/o direction from me and being distracting, rokenbok w/S, window washing inside and out, now also *helping* w/babysitting, aack!!!

Good day, didn't feel like Monday, yeah!


Wow, has January and half of February already passed???  And how long it has been since I posted any of our doings here, mea culpa dear followers, you are so faithful and sorry if I have disappointed you in keeping our learning to ourselves for so long. 

After the move and getting settled in sort of put the kabosh on extra blogging, but my goal for this space in 2009 will be bi-monthly updates, more if I can manage 🙂

We've had our share of  "new place" related illnesses, catching all the new germs in our new and wetter climate, it's a bummer, but so far nothing terrible, thankfully.

Anyhoo, on to some notes ~

  • I've been keeping track of Violet's voracious reading habit at her Reading Page.  Trying to keep one for Matthias too, and am in the process of making one for the read-alouds for Seamus.

  • Seamus is a whiz at Math, and am keeping him stocked with lots of worksheets from Math Mammoth that he does using all of our Montessori Math Materials. He likes the Learning Page worksheets too, but isn't so interested in coloring in the sheets anymore, he just wants to get to the math and do it!!

  • Sean-Paul is finally starting to "get' behaving in the schoolroom.  He will actually occupy himself for snippets of time, sometimes up to 15-20 minutes which is big for him, but ultimately he really just wants to be outside…a Naturalist in the making methinks 🙂

  • We are really enjoying daily poetry readings from the Classic Poetry Aloud site.  Lissa linked this eons ago and we have been enjoying it ever since 🙂 Thanks Liss!

Well, that's all I can muster for a round-up, there's so much more, but life takes over!!

Thanks for stopping by if you're reading at all 🙂