Wednesday – 5/23

Errand day:  Post Office, Bank, Grocery Store and Popsicles!!

Finally warmer today after two days of waking up to frosted wheel lines, brrr!

Kids played cards most of the morning while I uploaded some nature photos.  Cleaned up after breakfast and then headed out for morning errands.  I really like to do errands in the morning so we can be back in time for lunch and naptime!!  Picked up a package at the post office, my FREE wooden numbers from Alison’s Montessori, boy I love that!!  Seamus couldn’t wait to get his hands on them and work with the numbers!  The quality is exceptional, very impressive!!

Everyone played outside while I made grilled cheese and tomato soup, YUM!  Read aloud 2 ch’s of Thomas Burgess Bird Book.  During which time we spotted a Yellow-headed Blackbird!!  Very Cool, blog this!

Naptime:  Me computer time and reading.  Kids back out to play.  Matthias and I played a bit of Poker 🙂  He’s pretty good at his poker-face!!

Violet and Seamus are doing something sneaky out in the front flower beds for my B-day on friday, shh, I’m not supposed to know!!  Sean-Paul up, Matthias went out to help!

Teaime with the Holy Spirit!!  Yummy chocolate cupcakes with strawberries and Earl Grey tea!  Lovely read-aloud from Tomie DePaola’s Mary, Mother of Jesus. 

Signing Time DVD for the little boys while I get dinner prepped, Pizza and salad, easy!

Raining now, geuss we’ll be in for the night!

Moving Into Summer Mode!!

So we’re heading into Summer Mode and our learning notes will probably be a weekly cummulative of our activities and discoveries!!

So for today and yesterday (Monday) we have pretty much done fun math, worked with Montessori materials for Sean-Paul and Seamus, read aloud some of our favorite books and caught up on laundry from our travel/boys-and-daddy-camping/weekend stuff and sent dh off to work again.   

On Monday we did the 3rd Mass presentation from Moira’s Mass Kit Album and it was wonderful.  Such a rich program and yet simply OUR FAITH!!  Love this part of home education!!!

Violet and I worked on our new embroidery samplers at naptime and the middle boys had endless games of cards and legos!!

Tonights feature:  Planet Earth-Ice Worlds!!  Yippee!

Happy Summer!

Wednesday – 5/16

Table Time prayers and devotions, intentions.

Sort of a free for all day:

Matthias:  Fun With Shapes Math (help him upload to his blog) He had a great time making all kinds of animals and saints and vehicles with the Pattern Blocks.

Violet:  Test Nine in her Saxon 6/5, perfect score!

Seamus:  6 wkbk pages (he’s on a roll)!!!  Comparisons of sizes:  Tallest, Shortest, Longest, Shortest, Thinnest, Thickest, etc.

Quick outdoor yard clean-up as lawncare guy just arrived!

Sean-Paul *tried* doing the Pattern Blocks, basically threw them around the learning area, bummer.

Snacktime, then Violet Apostle Creed NB page, beautiful!!  Boys all outside, lunch and blah, blah, blah..

Nice day altogether!!

Tuesday – 5/15 – St. Isidore the Farmer

Prayers, devotions, offering and intentions.  St. Isidore the Farmer.


  • Math-drill, then mixed practice and lesson on averages.
  • Online reading, 2ch’s Story of  the Greeks, narrated to me after each.


  • Math-drill, then Place Value and Fractions lesson
  • 6tht Commandment reading and NB page

Seamus: (a little out of sorts this morning???)

  • Math-3 wkbk pages
  • Read with me and Sean-Paul, then Book 2 of Little Stories for Little Folks (LSFLF)
  • Mosaic Mysteries work
  • Rain Forest Block Puzzle
  • Butterfly Life Cycle Card coloring and worked with life-cycle butterfly figures (blog this)
  • Snack (He sure did ALOT for not being in a very favorable mood, hmm)


  • Worked with me on his new Bead Sequencing and Stacking Materials

Snack for all, outside play- caught more butterflies and one ladybug.  Violet and Seamus gathered various wildflowers (weeds) and showed them to all of us!

Lunch on deck, delightful, then Matthias did lunch clean-up while Violet read Twig to Seamus and I put S-P down for his nap.  Laundry switch and blog time, bigger kids back outside.

In and out all afternoon, fond an awesome moth, need to ID it, nature blog it!

Breakfast dinner, popcorn and a movie, then rosary and RA (Burgess Bird Book) and prayers and lights out!

Monday – 5/14 – Evaluation Day!!

Feast of St. Matthias.  Prayers, devotions and intentions.  Marian Hymns both in Latin and English.  Right now we’re really working on learning Salve Regina.  It’s truly beautiful.

Today was what I call Evaluation day!!  I sat down individually with the older two children and we discussed what we liked about our school year and what we didn’t.  Things we want to keep doing the same and things we want to do differently.  It was a great time for all of us and it was so fun for the kids to look back over their work from our different seasons of learning throughout the year (and all our tumultous times) and see the progress and beautiful work they created. 

We were very happy with using Mater Amabilis as a great curriculum spine and the variety of RA’s and independent reading that we did.  Thumbs up for so many great unit studies and projects that kept them motivated (and me too!)

We also discussed what we wanted to keep up with over the summer (as we really NEVER stop learning) we just slow the mode or change it as travel plans allow!!

The rest of the day entailed lots of outdoor play and butterfly catching and reading and eating and enjoying ourselves!

Friday – 5/11

Prayers, devotions and intentions (sacrifices for today).  Morning offering.

This morning I asked everyone to bring a favorite bible and saint story to share at table time.  I began with Mary Magdalene and then the story of Raising Lazarus.  Next up Seamus:  He chose Noah’s Ark narration from his Beginner’s Bible NB and St. Therese from Treasure Box #4.  Violet shared St. David of Wales and The Prodigal Son.  These were from her own narrations as well.  Matthias finished our session with the Miraculous Catch of Fish that he read aloud to us from his Beginner’s Bible and then a retelling of St. Martin of Tours.

Afterwards, Seamus wanted me to read The Legend of St. Christopher by Margaret Hodges (this one is so awesome, the illustrations alone make this one of our favorite picture books)! 

Snacktime, then everyone asked for more Math Games (ht:  Theresa, again!) and then back outdoors until lunch!  It feels like summer here, just spectacular!

When asked, "Which would you prefer to do with mommy right now, your reading practice or a math lesson?"  To which Seamus replied,"Well, can I practice the Mass Kit?"  "Absolutely," was my reply, big smile attached!!

Naptime after lunch and reading time for everyone else.  Blog catch up for me.  Older three asked to do the Mass Presentation #2 again, so we all took turns.  Then as I’m pretty sure temps hit the mid 80’s, we ventured for an afternoon of popcorn and a movie!!!  Yeah!

Sean-Paul only lasts about 20 minutes for any TV (thankfully) so he and I headed outside again, nice breeze blowing and so much great bird activity!

Violet has one more dress rehearsal again tonight for the big Cinderella ballet performance this weekend.  I’m looking forward to her being finished, but I now the show will be great as she is such a beautiful dancer!  We’ll all go to watch on Sat. pm and then I’m going tout seule on Sunday afternoon!! 

Hmm, for the present moment, what’s for dinner after all that popcorn???