Week in Review ~ 09.21.09 to 09.25.09

Monday morning: Feast of St. Matthew, prayers and collect of his Mass, nice morning basket time; more Thomas Burgess autobiography, Their Hearts Are His Garden, some Cardinal reader stories (very sweet), The Children's Kindergarten Hour poems.

Math for Matthias & Violet- decimal review, comparing fractions and decimals

Violet – Rilla of Ingleside, They Loved to Laugh, Lingua Mater poetry writing, babysat during organ and after for another hour, tennis courts and park with boys and I in afternoon.

Matthias – Edmund Campion, The Castle of Lyr, Baseball stats, Organ lesson, tennis and park,  piano practice in evening after dinner.

Seamus – Math worksheets – fractions, watercolor painting and beeswax clay, read aloud to me from a Magic Tree House, Cello lesson after lunch, tennis and park, outside play with Sean-Paul until dinner.

Tuesday morning: kind of a blur, I know we read the collect for St. Thomas of Villanova, a few poems and some discussions about the Latin Mass (our main focus for religion this year).

Everyone did a little math, reading, writing, playing and more reading and playing :) 

Afternoon – quick trip down to the beach with the bigger two to collect some sea water. Decided it was such a nice afternoon (and hot) that we quickly went home to retrieve the other two boys and headed back for some great beach combing and fort building šŸ™‚ LOVE, love, love these kinds of days :)))

Ballet for Violet and dinner.

Wednesday Morning: Feast of Padre Pio (new calendar), read various stories from our basket including some poetry.

Seamus has cello in the mornings on Wed's so our morning gets a little disjointed, I need to remember this and try not to compatmentalize everyone so much and have the morning be a little more free form. Also the grandparents came over in between cello and lunch to hear Matthias' concert recording from Friday night, so the whole day was really a wash.

Violet and I did manage to get some more book reveiws loaded on to her new 2009-10 book list page, so that was nice. She's really crankin' through her list already, so it's nice to keep on top of it.

Afternoon – Matthias piano lesson and babysitting for Violet, then I took the three boys to the gym for basketball time before I needed to get Violet to ballet.

Dinner was yummy "Big Fat Greek Stuffed Peppers"! (Saving Dinner)

Thursday Morning:  Our Lady of Mercy (Ransom) readings and prayers.  More on Latin Mass focus on the Confeitior, nice discussion about examinination of conscience.

Math for Violet & Matthias – ratio, rate, proportionality and equivelency, word problems and cross multiplication.

Seamus – Math – mixed fractions, whole to parts, definitions of numerator/denominator
Geography – began state geography pages beginning with Washington (our home state).  He really enjoyed doing this and I did too šŸ™‚
Cello – almost a 1/2 hour practice this morning!!

Snack and read new 2009 Sylvan Dell picture books for review, will write up kids reactions and post my review at Sweetness and Light soon.

Marine Biology experiments for all performed after lunch. "Salinity and Density" test.

Three separated waters

More here at Nature's Sweetness!

Ballet for Violet, daddy took boys to the park, I got some solo shopping in šŸ™‚

Dinner – Curry Chicken and Rice Soup with a yummy Multi-grain cibatta. Getting back to my Saving Dinner recipes, so easy and good šŸ™‚

Piano for Matthias and the Sammantha movie for all!

Friday morning: more on the Latin Mass, discussion about the Kyrie, Introit and norms of the rite.

Everyone tidied up their cubbies and we decluttered from a busy week of learning fun!

Busy afternoon including Cello lesson, Sean-Paul's very first Soccer class, ballet stuff (pointe shoe fitting) and an incredible Latin Mass with the Archibishop (history in the making here in our Diocese!!!) 

Have a great weekend friends! 


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