Tuesday – 10/9

Morning Chores, Seamus feeling a little better after a really good night’s sleep 🙂  Set him up on the couch watching St. Bernadette and St. Patrick.

Prayers with other three, talked about the Apostles and the Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity and how they relate to us as disciples of God.

Book sharing time:

  • Matthias started by telling about our Pedro’s Journal reading yesterday, then shared some of his American Boys Handybook that he received as a gift from Violet for his b-day:)
  • I went next and RA part of the first chapter of Robert Lous Stevenson’s Kidnapped
  • Violet shared her recent chapters of Ides of April and then from some of her American Girls Handybook

We proceded with our regular morning routine:


  • Math lesson,
  • Latin – 2nd page translations and derivatives, Matthias didn’t get to his lesson today
  • Geogrpahy – finished her France page
  • Science- read BLOOD AND GUTS section on "Teeth"

Naptime:  answered emails, boys played checkers, Violet did laundry, ironing and independent reading, then later she and I had tea and discussed Ides of April chapters 🙂


Wednesday – 10/3

Prayers and decade of the Rosary.

Got Violet and Matthias right into Math, each did their lesson on the computer and then followed with their practice lesson problems.


  • Trinomial Cube, he made some excellent connections here thinking about this mathematically


  • Trinaomial cube, she’s getting ready for this in the algebraic form soon 🙂

Seamus and Sean-Paul watched Very Hungry Caterpillar DVD while I worked with older kids. (Sean-Paul whiny, not a good sign.)

  • Trinomial Cube
  • monster math online and Dice rolling train addition online

Morning ended abruptly when poor little Sean-Paul threw-up all over the family room, bummer…

Everyone else was on their own for lunch while I helped him.  He finally fell asleep and I set Matthias up at the computer working more on his Physics narration from yesterday.

Violet cut out the rest of the AG doll nightgown were working on. 

Seamus watched Peter and the Wolf then had stories/RA time with sissy 🙂

Boys had 1/2 hour computer time together, fun hot wheels site.

Matthias finished lst two chapters of A Lion to A Guard Us and then outside bike time!

Sean-Paul, sweet boy snoozed the entire afternoon away and Violet and I started sewing the AG nightgown 🙂