Weekly Plan March 12th – 16th

Our loose plan for this week and what we hope to accomplish.  We’ll try to read between 2 to 3 chapters in each of the following books.  In addition to our regular Math, Latin, Piano, Ballet, Art, Music, Poetry, Grammar and Writing, and Liturgical Year activities (Lenten).  I’m including our ACTUAL work completed on an updated "Weekly Plans" after each week is completed, see First Post and the updates in RED!

Everyone Listens:
Our Island Story (Didn’t get to this week)
The Children’s Homer (Missed)
Seabird ( RA 4 ch’s)
Little House in the Highlands (4 ch’s RA at bedtime)

Parables from Nature
Handbook of Nature Study (1 ch)
The Story of the Greeks ( read 3 ch’s, online, oral narr after each)
William the Conqueror (read 1 ch. online, oral narr)
The Apostles Creed (No)
Saint Elizabeth and the Three Crowns (read 1 ch/day with written narr after each reading)
Classic Myths to Read Aloud (read 1 ch, RA 1 ch to all of us Friday)
Insects by Fabre (looked at for research)
The Green Fairy Book (independent reading daily)

Thomas Burgess Bird Book
St. Dominic and the Rosary(Finished with Mommy on Monday, RA last 2 ch’s)
SOTW Vol. I ( read 1 ch; Athens and Sparta, oral narr)
Ten Commandments (didn’t do)
Usborne Visual Science Encyclodpedia (used for researching Volcanoes/Earthquakes)
Usborne Greek Myths for Young People (Finished whole book)
Additional: Great Inventors and Their Inventions (wanted online book to read like Violet, so we chose this great book!!)  He read about 2/3’s of the first chapter!!

The Beginner’s Bible (1 ch. RA)
Volcano Bookshelf Books (Pompeii with Matthias)
St. Patrick’s Day Basket (ALL)
Coloring, Drawing
H/W practice daily
Math Manipulatives

I’ll keep our weekly running learning notes underneath this plan to see how much we are able to work through, a nice checklist for moi!  We’re looking forward to our week ahead!

Friday – March 9th

Morning began with a nice RA with Seamus and Matthias:  One Morning in Maine, we love this one!  Then morning went quick!!  Prayers, St. Frances of Rome, brief discussion, Mass Readings and Collect,  Footprint:  extra chore


  • Math – Saxon, division with mixed numerals, drill and mental math
  • Cleaned out her cubby and filed papers
  • Celtic Prayers Copywork, she’s working on doing the whole book


  • Math – Miquon, fractions and mixed numbers
  • Violet helped him clean out his cubby and file papers
  • Celtci Prayers copywork, 4 prayers


  • H/W letter Z!!! Then practiced words for "At Mass" LSFLF
  • Construction puzzles

RA 1 Ch. of Little House in the Highlands, then 1 ch. of Seabird

Snacktime with Scripture Tree reading as we missed it last night.  Me outside with Sean-Paul for playtime on his slide and reading for me, Seamus came out too!

Matthias piano practice.  1/2 hour or so.

Rest of the day was mostly outside and reading, some laundry and folding, then dinner prep and ballet, I did both transports.  Happy weekend!

Thursday – The Day After the Stitches ;(

Well, believe it or not, our little Sean-Paul slept like a baby all night, praise the good Lord!!  He is doing remarkably well today and I’m the nervous Nellie trying to keep him from running around too much for fear he might bonk his poor head again, or worse yet, all and cut it open once more.  Oh, the agony of a mother’s heart when her babies get hurt.  Sure gives you a glimpse of the Blessed Mother and what she may have gone through at the Foot of the Cross.  I can’t keep the image of my sweet toddler falling and striking that sweet head on the table out of my mind, it’ll a vision that will surely haunt me for some time to come.  I’m just so thankful that it wasn’t any worse and that he’s his regular self today.

So here’s how school shaped up today, a good day considering my nerves were still a bit shaky…

Prayers and Footprint:  "no TV" , Mass Readings and the Collect,  St. John of God.

Got the older two started with their Math:


  • Math-Saxon, she’s really rolling along nicely with her book now, we’ve scaled  new mountain here and she’s got her confidence back, thanks to manipulatives and some Montessori Math thrown in for good measure!  Finished up her lesson from yesterday and drilled Multiplication
  • Latin-Upstairs w/CD, recited portion of the Ave Maria upon return


  • Math-Miquon, more of the same from yesterday!
  • Latin-upstairs w/CD, recited portion of Pater Noster


  • H/W letter Y, Violet set up
  • Beginner’s Bible reading with me: Noah’s Ark- and then dictated his narration, Beautiful and picture

Sean-Paul:  Easter Eggs with egg carton

Snacktime:  Tropical Smoothies and finished Ch. of Little House in the Highlands from last night.

Rest of the morning:

Violet:  finished stained glass watercolor, then worked on Celtic prayer copywork

Matthias:  Independent Reading Usborne Greek Myths, then dictated his narration to me (2 pages!)  Odysseus and the Cyclops, then made picture

Seamus: Puzzle at the counter til lunchtime

Lunchtime RA:  1 ch. of Seabird, then all outside to do nature sketching while I put Sean-Paul down for his nap.

Violet read aloud 3 picture books to Seamus, then her Independent Reading; St. Elizabeth of Hungary, written narration of ch.

Matthias read about Volcanoes for his Earth Science NB, then Mosaic Mysteries with Seamus

Wednesday – March 7th

Piano Day

Sts. Perpetua & Felicity:  interesting discussion ensued regarding the possible animals in which they suffered their martyrdom.

Footprint was "no rollerblading", regular prayers and devotions, St. Joseph, Mass Readings and Collect


  • Math-Saxon fractions and drill


  • Math-Miquon; dividing with rods and finding mixed numbers
  • Piano for about 15minutes
  • RA some Usborne Greek Myths for Young People to Seamus


  • H/W practice letter X
  • He RA to Sean-Paul

I read aloud 3 ch’s of Our Island Story while Matthias and Seamus did a US puzzle and Violet worked on her Calligraphy, Sean-Paul played quietly (a miracle!)

Off to Piano Lesson, and a picnic at the Park while Sean-Paul napped in the car and I read!

Teatime with Shakespeare:  King Lear, then read aloud some poetry from Poetry for Young People, Violet read Antony & Cleopatra, she really likes this one!

….Right After Teatime, Sean-Paul took a horrendous header into the corner of the coffee table and split his forehead open.  We immediately rushed him to the DR (daddy met us there) and he now has 4 stitches in his sweet little head.  Rest of the day was a blur, oh, we all watched The Big Six video and had popcorn, it was great.  Then somehow I managed dinner for the kids while dh did some late business with a client and then he and I had a yummy Greek Salad and Bread for dinner.  Oh what a day….

Tuesday – March 6th

Another good morning start, kids are getting up earlier since it’s getting closer to Spring and with so much outside time in the afternoons, they are sleeping much better!  Sean-Paul and Matthias are almost over their colds and Seamus is done with his thankfully.

Prayers, devotions and Footprint:  "no audio story today".  Mass readings and discussion.


  • Math-Saxon, doing really well with our new method, not so many problems and random selections plus drill and mental math proving to be just her thing 🙂
  • Latin-2nd page with me, good
  • History-read a ch. online of William the Conqueror-Normandy


  • Math-Subtraction drills, then Investigation 5 on computer, then reviewed with Me, he gets it!
  • Latin-2nd page
  • Poetry-recitation The Quarrell
  • Independent Reading-finished a ch of St. Dominic
  • Piano practice 1/2 hour


  • We read Treasure Box #12, Wupsy story then a few other short ones
  • Upstairs for Hill of Fire Video
  • H/W practice letter W
  • Vaccumed the stairs for me


  • Read Brown Bear to him, then Curious George
  • Moved from place to place basically wreaking havoc with what everyone else was doing, butsay with me whenever I could with him

Lunchtime RA-1 ch. of The Children’s Homer, then all outside to play and explore while I put Sean-Paul down for his nap.

Ballet and grocery shopping for me and Violet, then home to make dinner:  Tacos!

Monday – March 5th

Well, we did pretty good today!  Usual morning prayers, Angels, then Footprint draw.  Two as we missed Saturday again:  No night reading, do someone else’s chore.  Read Mass readings and collect, discussion.


  • Math-Saxon 1 lesson, geometric shapes, mental math
  • Latin-new lesson, copied vocab, and did page 1
  • Independent reading upstairs, St. Elizabeth and the Three Crowns


  • Latin-new lesson, 1st page.  Also reviewed last week’s exam
  • Science-Mountains narration and picture
  • Poetry-recited 1st stanza of The Quarrell, now learning 2nd stanza
  • Independent Reading, St. Dominic, narrated orally at lunch


  • Beginner’s Bible-I read aloud, he narrated and made picture; The Serpent in the Garden
  • Seamus read Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Sean-Paul, then some truck books and Curious George, very sweet brothers!
  • Coloring at the counter before lunch

Lunch time outside, a beautiful and warm day!  I think Spring really is on the way!  Got Sean-Paul down for his nap while the others finished up and played outside, then we started in on our Stained Glass Window Coloring Art and I RA 3 ch’s of Seabird, the a chapter of Little House in the Highlands

After Sean-Paul’s nap, we gathered again for Monday’s with Mary, Our Lady Star of the Sea.  What fun the kids had putting together their beautiful crafts, they turned out so well!

Outside playtime with neighborhood friends til dinner, Pretzel-crusted Chicken and yummy Pepper Slaw Salad.  Prayer time with daddy after dinner and the Ave Maris Stella, so beautiful!

Good day!