Winds of Change

Well, our quick overnighter to Boise to catch up with daddio was a bit grueling but  worthwhile.  We really got a feel for the market and what we want to do, which is BUILD AGAIN!!!

Hmm…got to think on this one for a while…Here we go again!


We’re Home, What a Trip

Whew, we made it home from just south of Sacramento last night about 10pm after a quick dinner in Twin.  The drive was fortuantely uneventful and not too laborious.  Gabriel has finally adapted to the long rides in the car.  This is just a quick note, more detail later…so glad to be home, but what a trip!!!

First Night

First day, pretty brutal, lots of driving, Nevada is so barren and ugly, who would want to live anywhere in Nevada, hmm.

Vegas was SO disappointing, we had to eat at Denny’s, and then keep driving to Primm, good hotel and good bed, that’s all I can say.

Kids did GREAT!  Gabriel did pretty good.