Easter Week Visitors!

We are havig a VERY light week of Math only and lots of family loving and learning time with grandparents this week.  We are very blessed to have them here with us to celebrate this glorious season of new life, hope and  wonder in the Lord!

Wishing you all a blessed Easter Week, we will be back on our schedule begininning next Monday!



Lovely Afternoon

Had a lovely afternoon with Jodi and Katie Sanders here.  They brought projects for Violet and Matthias and Seamus did a beautiful watercolor of "Baldy"!  We has tea and chatted and I explained our current situation with Boise and they are very excited for us, but sad too.  April 15th is the date!!!  Happens to be Easter weekend so may put off until Monday??? 

What a nice snowy day it’s been, still pining for Spring…..

Quilting and Violet!

What a great day Violet and I had on Saturday, well Baby Sean-Paul came too of course, but he was an absolute angel and slept both directions to and from Twin!!  We were able to find the perfect fabric and backing for Violet’s "Sunbonnet Sue’ embroidery quilt squares and a great quilt book with patterns and templates at Costco of all places!  We went to Barnes and Noble and found several books we’d been wanting and a few b-day presents for Seamus (I can’t believe his b-day is in two weeks). Then we had a nice little lunch at the Starbucks in the book store and finished up in time to be home before the boys came back from their ski day on Dollar with dear daddy!  We laughed and just had a beautiful time, my sweet little lambie pie!

Now we’re off to start putting the quilt together, I hope I can make it work out right!

Note to self:  Take pics of her blocks to post progress on main blog!!

Comforts of Home

There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed!  I can’t emphasize "own" enough here as we’ve just come off a two week stint in hotels and different beds every few days.  I LOVE my bed, my pillows (yes, plural) my sheets, my comforter, the fact that it’s a King.  I could go on, but I won’t, you get the picture.  Travelling is wonderful but there’s nothing better than having that beautiful reunion with your beloved bed, a true comfort of home.