Friday – March 14th

Lenten Sacrifice – Do a different chore than usual and be cheerful about it!  Carrying of the Cross Sorrowful mystery decade.

Today we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, although we chose to abstain from meat, but had some lovely Shamrock Cupcakes after dinner 🙂

Worked w/Sean-Paul on his Clover craft
Math – she chose the Spatial Concepts book and worked w/Cuisinaire Rods
Art – traced the St. Patrick in Tomie dePaola’s book, then watercolored it in, beautiful!

Music Time
Art – Watercolor painting

St. Pat’s clover craft
Art – watercolors
Music Time w/Matthias & SP

St. Pat’s craft
Music time
RA’s w/me Beginning Readers
Outside w/boys

Out for Fish & Chips for St. Patty’s!


Thursday – March 13th

Lenten Sacrifice – Do anything for Sean-Paul today.  Baptism of Jesus Luminous mystery decade.

Morning Teatime RA – Across a Dark and Wild Sea

Geography – Puzzle Map of Europe and Europe Geography Box Materials
Botany work
Chess w/Seamus

Math – Lesson 4
Nature Study – Bird Sketching
Grammar – Story writing w/Me
Geography – HI finished finally!
Piano 45 min

Bird Sketching
Chess w/Violet
Read in his McGuffy’s Primer

RA’s w/Me – Strega Nona, Yellow Ball, Old Befana, Curious Georges
Bead Spooning & Tweezing Activity

Afternoon Popcorn & RA time – Ch of Beorn the Proud

Ballet tonight

Wednesday – March 12th

Lenten Sacrifice – Do anything for Matthias today.  Descent of the HS Glorious mystery decade. 

RA – Maginificat; Shadrach, Meschach and Abednigo.

Math – Lesson 3
Latin – recitations…Has sniffy cold today 😦
Listened to Tale of Desperaux and folded laundry, then read most of afternoon

Math – Lesson 3
Latin – translations
Piano 30 min
Grammar – Story Outlining w/Me 🙂 Fun!

RA’s and Outside most of the day!

RA’s and Outside most of the day w/ Seamus!

Lunchtime RA – Ch of Beorn the Proud

Tuesday – March 11th

Lenten Sacrifice – Do anything for Violet today.  Crucifixion Sorrowful mystery decade.

RA’s – Miracles of Jesus; The Paralyzed man, Book of Virtues (BOV) couple of poems.

Math – Lesson 2 Saxon 7/6
Botany/Science – Checked on experiments & made notes, Parts of a Leaf 3-Oart Cards & Definitions, made booklet
Latin – recitations; Anima Christi

Math – Lesson 2 Saxon 6/5
Latin – finished L15; recitations & vocab
Geography – finished Hawaii

RA’s – Fin M’Coul, Danny O’Rourke, St. Patrick & the Peddler
Outside – bikes & scooters
RA – Space Voyager Book

RA’s – Giant of Barletta
Outside – bikes & scooters
RA w/sissy

Library Day ending in car trouble, bummer 😦  We got lots of great new books though!

Monday – March 10th

Today was a little off as we had a bit of a bummer with Seamus & Violet yesterday resulting in a very smashed right middle finger on Seamus 😦  Needlesstosay, he went to the doctor with Daddy late morning to get fixed up and the rest of us had a fairly productive morning of learning time.

Lenten Sacrifice – Do anything to help Seamus today.  The Visitation – Joyful mystery decade (chosen by S-P).

Math – Began new Saxon 7/6 Text today!! Very exciting to be starting anew 🙂 She did the Facts Test, Mental Math, and the lesson and lesson practice!
Botany – Parts of a Root 3-Part Cards/Definitions; Created Own Cards for Booklet, Set up the "Celery Experiment"
Art Time – worked on several projects in her new "Art Studio" in the Children’s Den (more on this later in the main blog)
Lots of Reading time

Math – Also began his new Saxon Text 6/5!! He said, "Does this mean I’m in 5th grade now mom?" "Uh, No dear :)"
Geography – Hawaii NB page
Reading – Ch. of Pony Express
Piano – 45 minutes in afternoon
Lots of outside time – Bikes and scooters!!

Faces Matching game with Me
RA – Tomie dePaola AutoBiography (he loves this) and Tom
Outside Time – Lots of Bike riding and Scooters!!

Knitting time – I worked on the front of Violet’s new sweater and began the Argyle pattern, it’s going to be SO pretty. (post on Threads)

Poached Eggs, Toast and Bacon for kids dinner/Joe’s Special for Me & Dh

Ballet late tonight – me pick up

Monday – Wednesday, March 3rd – 5th

Monday, March 3 – Lenten Sacrifice: Read about a Celtic Saint and share. The Visitation, Joyful Mystery decade.

Math – Creating a schedule and Pie Graph
Sand Activity for Sean-Paul
Grammar – more Expository writing
Botany – Rosemary; dissections, drawing and recording notes

Math – Created a schedule and Pie Graph
Grammar – Poetry – Edgar Allen Poe selections in Favorite Poems Old & New
Reading – Began The Pony Express by Samuel Hopkins Adams (a Landmark Book)
Piano 40 minutes

Knobless Cylinders
Brown Stair
Pink Tower
Read-Alouds w/Me & Sean-Paul
Flower Arranging
Sand Tray Arrangement
Listened to RA; St. Edmund Campion from Devotional Stories for Little Folks
Triangle Geometry Tray with Cards

Knobbed & Knobless Cylinders
Pink Tower
RA w/Me & Seamus; Yellow Ball, Goose, Babies on the Bayou, Ten Little Rubber Ducks
Sand Arrangement w/Violet

Lunchtime RA: Brigid’s Cloak

Teatime RA: The Blackbird’s Nest w/Pecan Pie leftover from last night, yum!

Lemon Chicken Penne for dinner.

Ballet for Violet, I worked at a nearby restaurant on my book!

Tuesday, March 4 – Lenten Sacrifice: Act of Contrition, recite often throughout the day. The Scourging, Sorrowful Mystery decade.

Math – drill
Latin – new lesson w/Me
Grammar – finished lesson 11 on Expository writing – oral w/Me
Watercolor painting
Baked a Carmel Pecan Torte for dessert!!!

Math – drill
Latin – vocab and translations
Grammar – Acrostic Poem for WINTER
Piano 30 min
Reading – Pony Express

Double-Digit Addition w/Golden Beads
Playdoh w/S-P
RA Rabbits and Raindrops, DSFLF w/Me

Lego Board
Painting w/Violet

Lunchtime RA: Linnets & Valerians

Flanksteak for dinner, then family craft night:  Stations of the Cross Grotto Kit from Illuminated Ink, we made four so far :))

Wednesday, March 5 – Lenten Sacrifice: Do someone else’s chore. The Coronation, Glorious Mystery decade.

Math – multiplying decimals
Latin – 3rd pg of lesson, excellent job!
Science – Beginning Carrot top growing experiment, recorded notes
RA Old Fashioned Girl to me
Geography page West Virginia (finished)

Piano 30 min
Science – weather check & recording on new monthly chart (March)
Science – Clouds; 3-Part cards & made up a poem about clouds, too cute! Expiration experiment
Read Aloud from Pony Express to Me
Geography NB page; Oregon
More Piano 20 minutes

RA from Primer to Me & S-P, then new lesson in Primer (8) & Book 6 LSLF
Sandpaper Phonograms
Geography – USA Puzzle Map 🙂

Sound Bin ‘t’ w/Violet
Sat in on Reading w/Seamus & I

LOTS of Picture Book RA’s w/ Seamus & S-P:
The Paper Crane
Beaver Pond and Moose Pond
Song of the Water Boatman
Who Lives Here
St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning

Lunchtime RA: Ch. of Beorn the Proud, then everyone outside for an amazing nature walk and playtime.

Ballet early, then Greek Salad and Pizza for dinner!

Thursday & Friday – Feb. 28th & 29th

Thursday, Feb 28 – Lenten Sacrifice: Memorize a scripture verse, copy it and share at dinner.  The Wedding at Cana, Joyful Mystery decade.

Book Sharing time: Violet – pg. 20 Outcast of Redwall, American Girls Handibook selections, Matthias – several Hardy Boys selections, Seamus – Read aloud from his McGuffy’s Primer, Sean-Paul – Snow Bears, we read it three times 🙂 Me – pg. 20 The Kitchen Madonna, the poem Good and Bad Children by Robert Louis Stevenson from The Book of Virtues by William Bennett!

Math – decimal work
Latin – pg 3
Scripture Verse copywork

Math – fractions
Scripture Verse copywork
Latin – completed pg 2

Friday, Feb 29 – Lenten Sacrifice: Water to drink today! Crown of Thorns, Sorrowful Mystery decade.

Latin – derivatives
Activities w/Sean-Paul
Nature Sketching – Started a new Nature Journal cover page and Red-Winged Blackbird
Botany – The Mint Family, dissections & sketching, recorded notes
Grammar – Expository writing lesson w/Me

Science – weather check & record; Bar Graph of averages for February
Piano 30 min.

Furniture Polishing
drew several Star Wars pictures for his comic book he’s making

Polishing Geometric Solids w/Violet
Watercolor painting w/Violet

Lunchtime RA:  Listened to Children’s Book of America The Lewis & Clark Expedition

Yummy Seared Scallops, Panko Breaded Shrimp and Rice for Dinner!!