February 2012 ~ Week 1

Back in action here at Mama’s Muse for my own record keeping. Two moves and two children confirmed in the Latin Rite has led to many exciting adventures in our family, notwithstanding all the great learning that has taken place.

Violet is doing very well with her high school classes, she is a sophomore and has a nice variety of subjects. A quick breakdown includes:

Classes through Homeschool Connections (we use the subscription service, love it!)
Completed a Historiography class through Homeschool Connections (pre-recorded course)
Apologetics Boot Camp through Homeschool Connections (pre-recorded course)
Modern American History 1865-2001 (pre-recorded course)
Literature Study of Death Comes to the Archbishop (current live online course)

First Year Latin 1 using the Henle text and study guide from Memoria Press

Religion Studies using Mass and the Sacraments

Biology I using a variety of materials and online labs. Our favorite resource so far has been Homework Helps: Biology – it sets a nice framework and checkpoint for what she is studying.

Geometry working through Jacob’s Geometry with Matthias.

Other Literature and Poetry – continuing with the classics, she just finished Wuthering Heights and was not impressed. I am also about 2/3rds of the way through listening to this on my Kindle and I am losing interest as well, meh. We had quite a Jane Austen phase throughout the fall, so she’s on to some others now.

As for poetry, we are using the poetry study  shared by Barb at Harmony Art Mom. Mostly as a framework, but it’s nicely laid out and she has provided some lovely notebooking pages to accompany the study so that is a bonus 🙂

Matthias is also holding his own very well as an 8th grader, although most of his classes are more of a 9th grade level. 

His favorite classes this year have been his online high school computer technology classes through Giant Campus! We are totally in love with their program and Matthias has excelled beyond our expectations.

He is also taking one pre-recorded course through Homeschool Connections: Literature & Writing with Mark Twain and Friends. They are reading Huckleberry Finn so of course I decided to re-read it myself, as it had been a while 😉

Geometry with Violet.

First Year Latin Henle, so far it’s mostly a review of Latina Christiana II from last year, so we’re doing this mostly orally together.

Benjamin had the privilege of being Confirmed in the Latin Rite on January 12th of this year, what a joy for our family to have two Conformati ages 15 and 13! As for other Religious studies, he’s reading about different Saints and immersing himself in the beauty of the Extraordinary form of the Latin Mass.

Seamus is my 4th grader this year. He continues to love math and was so excited when I gave him a new set of print-offs from Mammoth Math called Geometry 1 – as he is very interested in his big brother and sisters Geometry book he wants to be doing it too 🙂 He had alot of hands on Geometry early on with Montessori, so it’s a no brainer for him at this point.

Other lessons he is enjoying:

Sonlight Core 3 American History reading list. Lots of great early American historical fiction here. So far he has read: Pedro’s Journal, The Courage of Sarah Noble, Bears on Hemlock Mountain, A Lion to Guard Us, The Corn Grows Ripe, and currently reading Who Was Sacagewea.