Wednesday – Feb 28th – Piano Day

As usual for us on Wednesdays, Matthias has his piano lesson at noon, therefore we have a pretty quick morning to fit in whatever we can.  Matthias decided to spend the morning doing some Experiments from Janice Van Cleave’s Astronomy For Every Kid, while Violet read and wrote a portion of a narration on The Black Cricket from Handbook of Nature Study.

Alternatively, Matthias and Violet each read aloud to Seamus some Volcano books while I tried to teach Sean-Paul how to place balls into an Oatmeal Container, and then pour them into another similar but smaller container.  This is all part of indoctrinating him into some Montessori things that he can do on his Mat.  It worked pretty well, but he still just wants to throw them all around the room, or down the hall cause they make such a nice loud sound when they hit the hardwood floor ;(

I also read aloud Brown Bear, Brown Bear to him and he loves that one and will sit for it several times through!

After the experiments,  Matthias worked on two Thank-you cards that needed sending, then  it was time for hime to go.  I sent him in the car with daddy to read a chapter in SOTW and The Earth Science Book by Dinah Zike (this one’s great!)

Violet finished up copying and decorating her poem The Violet for her Poetry NB, read the last chapter in St. Therese and the Roses and wrote her last narration for it. (Need to type out for her)  She also wrote three letters to friends for daddy to mail as he was going out again for the second time today!

While Matthias was at piano, the rest of us had lunch and then quiet/nap time.  Violet RA more LHP to Seamus and then they played quietly until Matthias came home.  More playtime, then we started on our Last Supper Scene Spoon Saints.  Violet made Jesus, Matthias made a St. Paul and Seamus made a Mary.  SeanPaul did one too, very sweet.  While everyone was working, I put together the fixings for Owls Nests and we all had a yummy treat while I read aloud our new book:  Seabird  by Holling C. Holling. 

Trying something new for dinner tonight, hope it turns out.  A puff pastrything…


Tuesday – Feb 27th

Snowy day today!!  We’ve got about 2 inches but it looks pretty soft.  As I suspected, it’s all but melted by lunchtime, oh well, it was pretty while it lasted! 

Prayers and devotions:  Footprint today was No Computer.


  • Math- Mult/Div drills with Matthias
  • Latin- Review lessons this week
  • Religion- Apostles Creed page; "…from thence He shall come, to judge the living and the dead…" narrated and made pic for NB
  • Copywork-Song of the Travelers Joy Fairie
  • History- Read 3 ch’s of The Story of the Greeks narrrated after each to me


  • Math-Mult/Div drills with Violet
  • Latin – Review lesson and Copywork of The Table Blessing
  • History-Read The Olympians picture book, dictated his narration for me and opted for no picture


  • H/W practice; letter T
  • I RA some of his Volcano and Mountain books, we discussed
  • Math Train and Monster squeeze on computer (aagh!  Mommy forgot the sacrifice)

Snacktime brought our final two chapters RA of Winter Holiday, yeah!!  What a great series!  We enjoyed hot cocoa and cinnamon toast while I read.

Cub Scouts for Matthias today and then Ballet for Violet.

Monday – Feb 26th

Boys all have mini colds, pooh…Just a runny nose thing so far nothing too serious, thankfully.

Great morning start:  Prayers, Footprint draw, two today as we missed Saturday.  Reviewed our Gospel reading from Sunday and talked about todays Gospel of Matthew, "do unto others…"

We started right away with RA time on Winter Holiday, we’ve only a few chapters to go and we can’t wait to see how it all ends!!  Everyone drew pictures/colored whilst I read.


  • Nature/Science-worked on her Insects NB, a bit of decoration, drawings and front cover
  • Math-Saxon, mental math, a division drill, then some random mixed problems, breezed through.
  • Poetry-recited all of The Violet, beautiful!


  • Science-worked on the front cover of his new Earth Science NB, he’s getting really good at working his circular compass for planet and Earth drawings
  • Math- Saxon, multiplication drill, random mixed problems with me
  • Poetry-Recited Brother and Sister in full for last time and began the first stanza of The Quarrell


  • Poetry-recited first stanza of At the Seaside and beginning 2nd stanza
  • RA The Beginner’s Bible to him and afterwards he narrated and drew the first picture for his Bible Stories Book
  • Lots of playtime with Sean-Paul, Noah’s Ark and puzzles

Lunchtime RA:  Parables from Nature; The Water Cycle, evaporation, etc.

Quiet time/naptime-me computer for about 15 min, while Violet RA LHP to Seamus and Matthias did independent reading.  Violet read St. Therese and narrated. Laundry and a little reading time for MOI!

Roasted Portobella Mushroom Burgers with sweet potato fries for dinner!

Friday – Feb 23rd

Quiet morning for us.  Feast of St. Polycarp, Footprint draw:  extra reading to the "littlies".  Prayers and began with Latin, a little Math and Nature Study.

Friday’s will be our low-key days to reflect on our sacrifices and penances.  Will also begin our Stations of the Cross with our Votive Candles tonight with daddy!

Thursday – Washington’s B-day!

Yesterday’s Ash Wednesday Mass precluded Matthias’s piano lesson so we had it today instead.  Our morning was very fruitful and we’ve added some new elements to our morning prayer and devotion time with our new Footsteps to the Cross chart.    We began this yesterday morning with the oungest drawing first so today was Seamus’s turn.  He wa excited to draw "extra Saint" for our footstep and he immediately picked St. Patrick for our RA.

Got right into Math for the older two while Seamus worked on a birthday card for one of our close friends 🙂

Read Aloud Meet George Washington while boys played and built with Legoes, narrations.


  • Math – Multiplication speed drill, then her Saon 6/5 lesson random problems
  • Latin – lesson with CD and practiced Agnus Dei and Ave Maria
  • Poetry – recited almost all of The Violet and learning the fourth and last stanza
  • Science/Nature Study – I printed off several pages of Ladybug info from some great sites; she put together a nice page with parts of the Ladybug labeled and some photos of Ladybugs.  Read How Nature Works in car at piano


  • Math – One page of Miquon; geometry and fractions
  • Latin – upstairs with CD and recited the Table Blessing and Doxology
  • Poetry – recited and finished with Brother – Sister by Lewis Carroll and chose The Quarrell for his next poem


  • Poetry – recited first stanza of At the Seaside by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • RA Mt. St. Helens Volcano book in the car at piano with me , and looked at several other books that he brought with him

Upon returning from piano we had Teatime with Boston Cream Cupcakes for our Lenten Reading and beginning our Jesus Scripture Tree.  Yesterday was The Presentation and today was The Finding in the Temple and Jesus private life.

Rest of the day, chores: bathrooms day, laundry and dh did Ballet transport while I prepared dinner.

Ash Wednesday

Quick morning studies as we need to leave for Mass at noon by 11:30am. 

Made our Footprints to the Cross Chart and Feet with sacrifices printed on each.  We left six feet for each of the Sunday’s in Lent.  It turned out pretty well and we started today with our first foostep!! 

Off to Mass for our ashes…

Soup for lunch!

A beautiful day of reflection and discussion of our Lenten plans and ideas!

Pasta for dinner and gathered for family prayers.

Shrove Tuesday

We had a fun morning learning about Shrove Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras and Carnivale!  Pancakes for breakfast and talked about our plans for our Lenten renewal!  We are also looking forward to the Mardi Gras Party tonight at our Parish!!

After prayers I RA from Winter Holiday while the kids all worked on filling our basket with tissue paper roses for our Mystical Rose Tree that we’re working on.

Violet:  I worked through her Mental Math with her and then did some three-digit mulitplication using the hundreds flats, rods and units.

  • Latin – 2nd page of lesson, derivatives and finding Latin roots
  • Grammar – ILL lesson on correct use of words


  • Math – page of Miquon
  • Latin – 2nd page of lesson
  • Grammar – Dictation from PLL


  • Colored
  • H/W letter S, then did some of his own S words

At lunch we RA 2 ch’s from Our Island Story, this one just keeps getting better and better.

Quiet time/nap time – me computer for a bit, Violet RA LHP to Seamus, Matthias read St. Dominic and the Rosary, then he and Seamus watched "Swimmy" a super cute DVD with several other stories by this author.

Afternoon chores (mostly me) and then time to get ready for the party, no cooking for me tonight!