Week in Review 11.16 – 11.20.09

Monday ~ Seamus' turn for not feeling well, stuffy nose sore throat thing 😦 Thankfully no fever is involved in this one and we're hoping he'll be back to normal before week's end!

The older two and I rearranged the Geography area and the Reading area in the school room, it's much nicer and will potentially produce less clutter than before (at least that is my prayer). We had been using the wooden arch for a "store/kitchen" but it was constantly in disarray and truly not being used to it's full potential. Here's how the new reading corner looks now:

Violet displayed some inviting picture books for now ~

I have now re-purposed all of the wooden food and accessories to some kitchen shelves and a new playdough station downstairs for better accessibility and hope to see some little "Iron Chef" action more frequently 🙂 (They LOVE doing this!)

Violet: Back in full force from last week intense activities and her not feeling well. Lots of reading, Marine Bio work on Ocean Geography, Math and some organizing projects in her room 🙂

Matthias: Reading Camp X (it's a page turner, he can't put it down!), Math w/Violet, Piano practice (no Organ today)

SP: messed around in the new reading corner, but then settled in and read a few stories with Violet.  Played off and on with Seamus as he was in bed listening to Ramona's World (a classic and favorite especially when you're feeling a bit poohey).

Rest of the day was quiet, I started and re-started a hat for Matthias for Xmas.

Tuesday ~ Seamus feeling a bit better, but not much for doing too much school work, he and Sean-Paul watched the Aristocats. Matthias and SP also a little sniffly, guess it's going to hit us all. Read a chapter of Winged Watchman.

Math for V & M – cont. Rev of Ch6 A+ Notes Algebra

Violet: Worked straight away on her LAST Lingua Mater lesson, she's very excited to be finishing this up!! Other – lots of reading, knitting on her leg warmers and watching season 5 of the original Little House on the Prairie episodes. More Marine Bio tidbits.

Matthias: Grammar – He and I did a lesson from Writing With Ease by Susan Wise Bauer (I like this, very nicely laid out), Reading – Camp X (couldn't pull him away from this one 🙂

Seamus listened during read aloud and then buzzed around w/SP and later in the day did a lovely cello practice, definately feeling better 🙂

SP: worked on some trays from his Dinosaur shelves 🙂 (see below)

Wednesday ~ Finished The Winged Watchman during Morning Basket time!! What a great book, sad last page though 😦

Math – Violet and Matthias still working through Ch 6 Review exercises from A+ Notes Algebra.

Matthias: Copywork from Winged Watchman and review of Proper Nouns in ILL.

Seamus had Cello lesson in the morning, great lesson as he had missed Monday. Narrated George Washington for me to keyboard.

Thursday ~ late start, Violet didn't get up until after 9:00 (ooh, those ballet nights are catching up and it's not even Nutcracker yet!) I finished Kilmeny of the Orchard last night, good ending, and only a "tad" predictable. Lovely writing!

Zoology Research and Presentations – Seamus: Bush Viper, Matthias: Hammerhead Shark, Violet: Nile Crocodile, SP: Chipmunk

Violet: a few math problems, helped SP with his Dino work, more grammar, confirmation reading/?'s,

Matthias: a few math problems, Religion FYC read and narrated/?'s with me, piano practice 30 minutes before lunch, Reading – On the Wings of Heroes (WWII historical fiction find at 1/2 Price books)

Seamus: Copywork from his D'Auliare's George Washington narration, very nice! Also coloring a picture copied from the book, such delightful drawings by the D'Aulaires! Math – a Mammoth Math worksheet on Divisors, nice example of patterning with Multiplication and Division. Identified all the squares and square roots too 🙂

SP: Dinosaur fun pages with Violet, he's really enjoying his Dinosaur shelves this week!


After lunch, SP and I read Bones, Bones Dinosaur Bones and Dinosaurs Dinosaurs by Byron Barton (we love him) and he worked on tracing some letters. Then he sat and worked a Ravensberger Dinosaur puzzle with me for over a 1/2 hour, tons of fun!

V & M made Oatmeal Scotchie Bars, YUM!!! These won't last long around here 😉

Friday ~ Quick morning before Violet's confirmation class, met up with her for Mass and lunch before Matthias' piano and Seamus' cello lessons this afternoon.

Boys played many card games. I showed SP how to do the Dinosaur template rubbings with the flat crayons and then he tried some on his own. Animal matching Mothers and Babies cards w/me.

Violet reviewed all of her work in her Lingua Mater writing portfolio and has chosen her favorites. Yesterday she polished her final draft from Unit 4 and typed it out on the computer. Now she wants to type ALL of them as well 🙂 (That should keep her busy for a while:)

I was very happy when all said and done yesterday afternoon and we had a lovely quiet evening and now it's the weekend, sigh!!! Looking forward to celebrating the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday!


thursday 11.12.09

Violet still feeling poorly, sore throat and snuffy nose, darn it all!! She has a big weekend of ballet performances to boot starting with on stage rehearsals today, sigh…hoping heavy doses of tea will suffice for my sweet girl. UPDATED: Power outages at the school and performance hall cancelled ALL classes and rehearsals! (Thank you guardian angels 🙂

Matthias – 15 minutes of piano right after breakfast, little boys playing star wars guys 🙂

Sean-Paul having cocoa w/a Caillou (what is it with the no hair on a 4yo??)

Morning Basket ~ prayers, holy souls devotions, singing; RA – from 50 Famous Rides and Riders by James Baldwin "How Dick Turpin Rode to York".

Matthias: Math – cont. word problems solving with two variables, geometric equations; Zoology – Strawberry Poison Dart Arrow Frog; after lunch worked on his baseball science and timeline;

Seamus: Math – Division work; Zoology – Grizzly Bear research/charades; Reading – he andI alternated reading Billy and Blaze together out loud; building traintracks w/SP after lunch;

Sean-Paul: Rainforest block puzzle – Gorilla; Zoology – Common Garter Snake; building trains w/Seamus after lunch; picked out several cute books and a dog video at the library with me.

Cello lesson for Seamus. Library run.

Park play with three boys after cello! Glorious autumn afternoon 🙂

Some knitting time for me, Violet feeling markedly better, Hallelujah!!! Thanking God and his angels for watching over her today!

Violet in her down time read some chapters of The Family Manager, read and then watch National Velvet, did some scrapbooking, knitted on her leg warmers, and listened to Keeping Cool

Penne and Meatballs, homemade Naan bread and spinach salad for dinner. Super yum!

wednesday 11/11/09

Martinmas Day!! Various stories about St. Martin, coloring pages were painted and colored with various medium, prayers, collect, singing.  An excerpt from Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill "The Summer Queen"; poem in Edwardian Lady "November" from the German.

Violet: Math – A+ Notes cont. from yesterday; Geography – Scandinavian Countries research; St. Gertrude's prayer for the Holy souls;

Matthias: Math – A+ Notes cont. from yesterday; Geography – Russia research questions; Copywork – creating his own Latin Missal book 🙂

Seamus: Math – cont. division lesson from yesterday; Geography – South America puzzle map arrows, toob animal identification w/SP; Cello practice – 25 minutes; Copywork – St. Martin's Day worksheet created at Handwriting for Kids H/T: Jessica

Sean-Paul: Geography - Three part animal cards for Africa continent box, identified all the South American Rainforest Toob animals w/Seamus;

Lunch -  RA 1 ch of Winged Watchman, Violet not feeling 100%, sent her down to rest and try to feel better. She's knitting and watching original episodes of Little House on the Prairie 🙂

Matthias working on a WWII Submarine model in his Lego digital creator site (this is a very cool site for boys). Lots of engineering and architectural analysis going on 😉 So far he's done a Latin Altar for the Extrodinary Mass Form, a WWII troop transport vehicle, a Cathedral, and others still in the works!!

Seamus and SP outside for a while, it's a beautiful Autumn day, need to go on a nature walk before it gets dark!!

Baking some shortbead Horses for Saint Martin, will have tea, and perhaps a skit and some singing with everyone 🙂

Roasted Lemon Chicken, roasted carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, salad and artisan bread for dinner.

Ballet rehearsal for V.

tuesday 11.10.09

Morning Basket ~ daily prayers, final day of Holy souls novena, St. Gertrude prayer for Holy Souls, good morning song (SP's favorite besides Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above), "November" in CD of an Edwardian Lady, RA – Apples Ripe and Rosy from CHC's 1st Communion prep lesson plans, always a good one 🙂

Violet: worked w/SP during basket time; Math – A+ Notes Literal equations cont from yesterday's lesson; Lingua Mater – L35/day2 narrative of figurative writing; Reading – The Silver Sword, National Velvet; Knitting – she's already working on Xmas gifts (I should take note 😉

Matthias: worked on a baseball diagram during reading time; Math – A+ Notes Literal equations cont from yesterday's lesson; Grammar; Lingua Mater L5/day2 Verbs; History – reading War Inventons by Charles Gibson (Baldwin project); Other reading – Enemy Brothers; Piano practice 45 minutes;

Seamus: flew a paper airplane towards me during reading time that had "I love u" written on it 🙂 Math – Division lesson 46 Saxon 5/4 review for him, he got it right away and did the practice set quickly with colored bead bars when necessary; building train tracks w/SP; Cello practice – 25 minutes

Sean-Paul: Leaf number cards, arranged in correct order, cut out pictures from Ranger Rick for his ABC book w/ sissy, ate his toast while Seamus RA to him from Seton reader 🙂 Building train tracks w/Seamus;

Lunchtime – RA 2ch's WW, Marine Bio for Violet, worked on her sponges (porifera), watched some sponge videos and look at tons of sponge photos, very cool!

RA's w/SP – The Tale of Two Bad Mice, The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies (we watched Miss Potter the night before 🙂

Dinner – Potstickers, Jasmine Rice, and Edamame with salt and olive oil, yum!! (Better than take-out)

1 Ch each of Children of Noisy Village and Dr. Doolittle to Sean-Paul and Semaus at bedtime.

Thursday 11.05.09

Morning Basket ~ Prayers, novena, singing, started Themosticles, read Creation story in SP's newly gifted from Matthias Beginner's Bible, Poems – The Lady of Shallot for Violet to begin for her Ivy Basket – ala Ann w/an "e", read beginning of Horatius, Seamus recited "Where Go the Boats" and immediately SP wanted me to help him say "Rain" which he is determined to learn 🙂

Violet: Lots of reading, I didn't catch it all, but she finished Anne of Windy Poplars! Math – A+ Notes 6-8; Zoology: Marsh Rabbit

Matthias: Math – A+ Notes 6-8; Zoology – Long-tailed Weasel;

Seamus: Clocks, Mixed numbers/fractions worksheets, Zoology – Viperfish;

Sean-Paul: Zoology – Rattlesnake;

Lunch – RA 1 ch of Winged Watchman. I did an animal charade (the Kinkajou) for the kids while they ate, these are fun and can be done with anything 🙂

Afternoon- Violet worked on some confirmation ?'s, Matthias began inputing baseball stats into an Excel program, Seamus working on some knitting and embroidery (a Xmas present, shh) Sean-Paul played.

Later, SP and I read his new (and very first real chapter book) The Children of Noisy Village. We sipped cocoa w/marshmallows and enjoyed about 3 ch's together, sweet boy 🙂

Lots of lego creations/movie making (hysterical!) The boys also got in some of their circuit workout time in the garage (remember the RAIN?)

Cello practice for Seamus 1/2 hour, Matthias got in an hour of piano before dinner.

Seamus picked The Story of Doctor Doolittle for his next bedtime RA, I did my best British accent for him.

Beef Stew w/Leeks and Popovers for dinner.

Power went out for about two hours after dinner, very exciting storm in the middle of the night as well! Hello November!

wednesday 11.04.09

Morning Basket ~ Singing, St. Charles Borromeo: collect, morning prayers, St. Gertrude prayer for the Holy souls, Holy Souls Novena – day 2, St. Pharaildis (More Once Upon a Time Saints), The Garden Tools (A Child's Book of Stories from Many Lands)

Math- A+ Notes 6-7 translating words into variable equations;
Reading – Anne of Windy Poplars, Catholic Girls Guide.
Geography – Located, identified and drew all the Archipelagos of the world land/water forms w/Matthias
Copywork – Quote from Anne of WP;
Grammar – helped Matthias out with his "debate" lesson (she was the affirmative rebutal 😉

Math – A+ Notes 6-8 translating word problems into equations and solving for variable;
Geography – Puzzle map of Europe – named all countries correctly, land/water sandpaper forms w/Violet blindfolded
Copywork – 4th stanza of Casey at Bat, recited all;
Grammar – debate lesson w/Violet from ILL;
Reading – Enemy Bros.

Math – Time worksheet to the minute, Mixed Numbers & Improper fractions worksheet;
Cello lesson;
Copywork – from Home Geog L2;
Listened to Billy and Blaze w/ SP;
narrated last ch of WWatchman at lunch;
PS2 w/SP.

Brown Bear m&m sorting and graph w/me;
Newt coloring page (fact file);
Finger Stamping falling leaves picture w/Violet;
"In the Child's World" lesson on Autumn birds w/me. 

Lunch – RA 2 ch's of The Winged Watchman, kitchen clean-up.

Afternoon – Matthias working on new Baseball stats science project, Lego movie creation work.

Violet and I discussed the end of the Sunflower in Catholic Girls Guide, moving on to Ivy.

Boys doing a workout circuit with the punching bag, stairmaster and calisthenics, hysterical!!! (Gee, I should be doing this too!)

RA w/ SP – Blaze Shows the Way (CW Anderson).

Ballet tonight, Lettuce Wraps and Basmati Rice, pumpkin pie 🙂

Monday/Tuesday 11.02.09 – 11.03.09

Monday ~ Feast of All Souls; Mass at 11:30 with everyone. We accomplished a little Morning basket reading ~ The Winged Watchman, some poetry selections, listened to Mozart's Requiem.

Everyone did some Math and grammar, then we headed out.

After lunch we realized that our day was free as the piano teacher's daughter was ill (poor sweetie). So we read more Winged Watchman (great book)!

Violet polished her Marine bio project 

Boys played intermittently outside and inside, LOTS of lego action going on, there's a new challenge to enter, pieces to create, pictures to take, descriptions to be written ~ all very secretively 😉

Dinner – Provencal Vegetable Soup (Barefoot Contessa in Paris), Homemade Buttery Rolls.

Tuesday ~ Morning Basket: Feast of St. Martin de Porres; read from both Saints for Young Readers and The Children's Book of Saints; talked about being "missionaries of love and mercy" like St. Therese and began our Holy Souls from Purgatory to Heaven poster/Church Militant poster! Finger Play "The Mill" for SP, prayers for the Holy Souls (St. Gertrude prayer) Holy souls novena Day 1.

Violet: Math – A+ Notes 6-7 translating words to equations;

Matthias: Math – finished 6-7; History – Baseball timeline;

Seamus: Math – finished L45, clocks and finished his 9's skip counting; History -we  finished Columbus (D'Aluaire)/discussion; cello practice;

Sean-Paul: a few activities on his "Leaf" shelves, mostly messed around today 😦 Watched St. Nicholas w/his cocoa; listened to our lunchtime RA, then outside after lunch.

Lunch – RA 2ch's of Winged Watchman.

Afternoon – chores, reading, knitting, music time for SP, piano practice for Matthias.

Ballet night for Violet.

Dinner – Chicken Stroganoff (Saving Dinner)