thursday 11.12.09

Violet still feeling poorly, sore throat and snuffy nose, darn it all!! She has a big weekend of ballet performances to boot starting with on stage rehearsals today, sigh…hoping heavy doses of tea will suffice for my sweet girl. UPDATED: Power outages at the school and performance hall cancelled ALL classes and rehearsals! (Thank you guardian angels 🙂

Matthias – 15 minutes of piano right after breakfast, little boys playing star wars guys 🙂

Sean-Paul having cocoa w/a Caillou (what is it with the no hair on a 4yo??)

Morning Basket ~ prayers, holy souls devotions, singing; RA – from 50 Famous Rides and Riders by James Baldwin "How Dick Turpin Rode to York".

Matthias: Math – cont. word problems solving with two variables, geometric equations; Zoology – Strawberry Poison Dart Arrow Frog; after lunch worked on his baseball science and timeline;

Seamus: Math – Division work; Zoology – Grizzly Bear research/charades; Reading – he andI alternated reading Billy and Blaze together out loud; building traintracks w/SP after lunch;

Sean-Paul: Rainforest block puzzle – Gorilla; Zoology – Common Garter Snake; building trains w/Seamus after lunch; picked out several cute books and a dog video at the library with me.

Cello lesson for Seamus. Library run.

Park play with three boys after cello! Glorious autumn afternoon 🙂

Some knitting time for me, Violet feeling markedly better, Hallelujah!!! Thanking God and his angels for watching over her today!

Violet in her down time read some chapters of The Family Manager, read and then watch National Velvet, did some scrapbooking, knitted on her leg warmers, and listened to Keeping Cool

Penne and Meatballs, homemade Naan bread and spinach salad for dinner. Super yum!

One thought on “thursday 11.12.09

  1. Glad to hear that Violet is feeling better and that the ballet situation was taken care of for her. 🙂
    Also, I have no idea what’s up with Caillou either, but both my 4 yos like it, too.

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