Thursday – Jan. 31st

Feast of St. John Bosco final day for novena, prayers, decade of rosary (luminous, Baptism).

Math – Adding decimals, review, mental math and worked some problems for lesson
Latin – quizzes for review
Louisa May Alcott (LMA) copywork from Old Fashioned Girl (OFG)
Dress-up with Sean-Paul so I could work with Matthias

Latin – before breakfast (he was up at 6:30)
Math – lesson on DVD(computer) on averages, lesson practice problems
Science – worked with me on setting up his Weather NB pages, graphing temperatures for Sydney, London, Our city, Antarctica, and the Yukon. Created a color coded legend/calendar and printed maps of each area.

Chose his K workbook and did many mazes, dot-to-dots and counting by 2’s, 10’s
Began making a Weather Puzzle booklet from our puzzle, copied and cut out pieces
Dress-up games with V & SP

Puzzles with me, shapes, farm and weather
Lots of free play
Dress-Up with V & S

Morning virtually FLEW by, huge snowstorm today, everyone outside immediately after lunch to build snow caves/forts and shovel the walkway!!

BAllet for Violet tonight, Italian dinner for St. John Bosco!

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Wednesday – Jan. 30th


Prayer Book
Math – Transposing a Recipe-Doubled Chicken Stew/Halved Outrageous Brownies, review of liquid/solid measurements
Latin-LC II, finished Review Lesson 1 translating  a paragraph, excellent
Grammar-Writing excercise for Lingua Mater, her story is awesome
History – added a page about Charlemagne for her Great Men and Women


Prayer Book
Snow experiments, set-up his new weather NB
Weather worksheets from including copywork and narration
Outside Play w/ Seamus & Sean-Paul


Bible stories notebook – shared Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, immediately asked if he could draw Daniel and the Lion’s Den 🙂
Winter worksheets from – made an adorable sequencing winter story booklet with pictures and words from a worksheet
Outside Play w/ Matthias & Sean-Paul


Joined us late for Rosary decade
Made a b-day Card for grand-mum with stampers
paper cutting
general mischief all around
Barney puzzle-fun
Outside playtime w/big boys :))))

Lunchtime:  Curried Chicken Soup leftover and Cheese Quesadillas

RA:  finished Ch.2 of Linnets & Valerians (this one is SOOO good)!!

Afternoon, Matthias finished 2nd page of Latin Review lessons 6-10, then boys PS2 star wars, reading, general play

(Naptime for Sean-Paul) Me, this and knitting on my shawl, almost done.  Violet letter writing and reading, ballet tonight!

January 7 – 11th learning notes

We had a good week back into our learning time!  It felt good for everyone to sink into their groove although Matthias would much rather just look at his Space encyclodpedia all day and play legos, but thankfully it’s learning! 

Sean-Paul – He is managing much better during morning learning time.  He has made some good choices and has been able to stick to his work without bothering anyone else, sort of.  His favorites for the week were:

  • Sorting his Colored Bears into six bowls 🙂
  • Colored Bead Stair-placing the incremental beads on the stair board
  • Sitting still on my lap for prayer times
  • Coloring with crayons
  • Paper Cutting, mostly old Ranger Rick magazines
  • Outside play every day with everyone!

Seamus – He was very happy to be back at his work.  Although he managed very well over the break building many different sets of legos independently and with his older brother, he seemed quite content to be back on a schedule.  His favorite work for the week was:

  • Golden Bead Addition, Static and with Exchanging up to 12,000
  • Math worksheets from Learning Pages (he LOVES these)
  • Spelling Pink Word lists with Moveable Alphabet
  • Writing/Copying the words onto paper
  • Listening to LOTS of Read-Alouds including picture books and Son of Charlemagne
  • More lego building
  • Mopping the kitchen floor with his daddy
  • Cleaning bathroom mirrors and sinks
  • Coloring Stained glass Saints from Finestre Fidei (he continues to LOVE these and he’s quite adept at coloring them)
  • Tried many Science Experiments from Discover and Do DVD (Sonlight)
  • Land, Air, Water animal sorting and Beginning Research questions from Montessori for Everyone – this was really fun and everyone joined him!
  • Outside play every day!

Matthias – A little slow to get back into his groove, balked a bit on Tuesday on Math, but overall he was also ready to be on a better schedule.

  • Math daily (except Tues) working quickly through his Saxon 5/4.  He enjoys doing his lesson on the CD and then working some problems, so far so good.
  • Latin daily:  He’s on lesson 8 in Latina Christiana I, this is such a sound program, very doable and enjoyable.
  • Grammar almost every day:  I try to vary his lessons between PLL, Stories with a View and fun pages from Learning Pages, mostly freewrite kind of prompts
  • Lots of Science experiments with Seamus and Violet, in fact he and Violet are video-recording all their own experiments modeling them after the Discover and Do DVD it’s hysterical!
  • Listened to all read-alouds
  • Lots of lego-time and independent reading
  • Piano every day, he desperately needs a lesson, need to get over to see J.
  • Outside play everyday!

Violet – Good for her to be back, as the most organized one in the family she REALLY needs and craves the structure.  She was a HUGE help over the break in getting our house de-cluttered and paired down in the purging we did, I don’t know what I’ll ever do without her, my sweet Violet!

  • Saxon 6/5 daily, doing excellent and almost ready to move on to 7/6 (need to order!)
  • Latina Christiana II doing super on this, lesson 3.  We really like this new format for the second course, so far it has been mostly review, but very in depth!
  • Grammar:  Continuing to work one lesson at 2-week increments on Lingua Mater, this is by far the best grammar program we have found so far, it’s top notch and so beautifully written!  She loves it too which is most certainly a bonus 🙂
  • Science experiments with the boys and the filming thing with Matthias!
  • Botany in a Day, this is just delightful for Botany studies!  She worked on the Pointsettia this week and did a beautiful illustration with labels
  • Listened to all read-Alouds
  • Baking on Friday-cookies for Teatimes, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Pecan Shortbread – YUM!!
  • Dinner prep three nights this week and clean-up help
  • Many Colonial Teas "Felicity Style" with her AG Dolls, too cute, she even had one with the boys and they all dressed up accordingly, I wish I’d gotten pictures!
  • Loads of independent reading
  • Flower Fairies copywork book
  • Hans Christian Andersen narration
  • Outside playtime everyday this week, Woohoo and back to Ballet classes M, W, Th

Handicraft time this week for everyone included knitting, finger knitting lessons and some embroidery!

We stuck very closely to our Motivated Moms Chore Planner, Violet even has her own copy 🙂 and no one grumbled about chores, fancy that!  I had a really good week on meals too and mosly hot lunches throughout the week which was great for before and after the outdoor times!

January Learning Notes

Off we go!!  January 7th our first day back since Advent learning, most of which was recorded at Sweetness and Light.  Our January will look much like our Fall studies, only the booklists have changed somewhat, especially in the literature section; Violet and I are kind of on a Louisa May Alcott kick, so we’re reading all of her eight published works together.  An overview for January looks something like this:

  • Math for everyone daily, Saxon supplemented by Montessori work
  • Latin daily as well for Violet & Matthias, Seamus learning the prayers by osmosis 🙂
  • Grammar in some form daily, Seamus working through his Montessori language work
  • Daily read-alouds from a history book (Son of Charlemagne) and plenty of infusions of picture books taken from many sources, FIAR, Catholic Mosaic, etc.
  • Science and Nature Study in the form of Experiments from the Science With series and Botany in a Day for Violet.  Matthias continues to add to his Space & Astronomy Notebook from last year!
  • Outside play is crucial for all, even me!
  • Independent reading, everyone has their favorites and their on-going lists
  • Baking and cooking; Bread Baking continues to keep us under it’s spell, we’re delving in to  The Bread Bible, Artisan Baking and Organic Baking of all kinds
  • Montessori work continues to be Seamus and Sean-Paul’s main source of learning including their immersion into daily life and love that is our Sweetness and Light!

Happy January!