Wednesday & Thursday – Feb. 20th & 21st

Wednesday:  Lenten Sacrifice – Read to someone else a favorite book today.  Glorious Mystery – The Assumtion for Rosary decade.

Latin – Translations pg 3
Math – Analyzing Schedules, worked some problems
Grammar – Day 2; Gender differentiations
Geography – Doing NB pages on VA & WVA

Latin – finished 2nd page translations, derivatives with Me
Math – Evaluating Expressions; worked a few more problems from me
Grammar – Stories W/A View oral with me
Science – weather check and Cloud Nomenclature cards; learning definitions

Chose Short Chains & Squares and worked independently through them ALL!
Tale of Tiggy Winkle video w/SP

Bead Stair, Lego Board & Color Bears Sort w/Matthias
BP video w/Seamus

Three olders, afternoon skiing with the Principal :))))

Sean-Paul & I napped, knitted, watched Miss Potter and made a yummy batch of Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies, mmmm.

Favorite noodle casserole from freezer for dinner!

Thursday:  Lenten Sacrifice – Memorize Consecration to Mary Prayer, pray daily, Luminous Mystery Baptism of Jesus – rosary decade

Latin – derivatives w/Me
Math – drilled reducing fractions
Grammar – excellent lesson on evaluating an Outline and it’s components in relation to her narrative she is studying, outstanding lesson!!
Geography – worked more on her WVA NB page, sorted Trees clippings for later use for US Geography box 🙂

Math – division drill
Piano – 4o minutes, nice 🙂
Science – weather check

Worked through Booklets 1-7 for Short Chains & Squares 🙂
RA to me from Primer, then I taught him next two lessons
Sand Writing Tray work; letters and 3-letter words from Primer

a little out of sorts this morning ;(

We’re expecting a very special visitor for a long weekend, we pick G-Pa up at the airport later today, off for the rest of the week!!  Hope yours is grand 🙂


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