Monday – Feb. 18th – Washington’s Birthday!

Lenten Sacrifice – Offer every action to god today!

Morning RA – George Washington and the Cherry Tree from The Children’s Book of Virtues

Math – Percents
Latin – Lesson 8; copied vocab
Grammar – last day of lesson writing
Baked Star Scones for Teatime
Outside Play
Crafts & Reading most of afternoon!

Math – lesson 105 on computer; dividing by 10; worked some problems
Latin – new lesson 13; uploaded vocab to Excel program
Lots of Reading
Outside Play
Piano 45 minutes

Colored Rainforest Picture
New McGuffy Primer reading practice w/Me
Moveable Alphabet; spelled Primer words
Traced over Script letters from Primer
Outside play

Sean-Paul:<Bitty Baby Play
Outside w/Me

Fun Washington’s b-day Teatime with Star Shaped Scones; RA – Meet George Washington selected ch’s

Lunchtime RA – Part of Ch 3 Linnets & Valerians

Naptime – worked on book, older three PS 2 Star Wars, Sissy baked Cherry pie for dessert tonight!

Dinner – Romano Turkey Burgers, Carrots, and Roasted Red Potatoes!!

Cherry Pie in honor of George Washington!!


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