Thusday – Feb. 7th

Lenten Sacrifice – Read aloud to someone from a favorite book or part of a book.

Decade of the Rosary – Proclamation of the Kingdom (Matthias)

Math – Volume lesson and practice problems
Latin – Finished derivatives from lesson, listened to vocab drill on CD
Geometric Solids Polishing activity w/Sean-Paul
Flower Arranging activity w/S-P
Grammar – Picture Study, oral w/Me
Baked Sourcream Coffee Cake for afternoon playdate guests ๐Ÿ™‚

Math – lesson on computer; Tables & Schedules, worked first three problems
Latin – CD review week’s lesson
Science – Weather temp charting, looked at snowflakes under microscopeGrammar – Snowy words
Piano – 30 minutes practice

Bible NB; Ten Commandments picture
Finished Weather booklet w/Me
RA to S-P his favorite truck and tractor books
Silver Polishing activity w/Me (so fun, he loved it)
I read-aloud Lentil to Him
St. Bernadette video w/S-P

Lined up Ten Bars in a straight line on the hearth
Pom-pom tweezing activity
Lego Board sequencing & counting w/Me
Polished Geometric Solids w/sissy
Flower Arranging activity w/Sissy
St. Bernadette video w/Seamus

Lunchtime RA: Beorn the Proud, Ch. 2, prepped for afternoon guests:  girls knitting and boys outside playtime!!  Should be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Ballet tonight!


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