Wednesday – Feb. 13th

Lenten sacrifice – Do someone else’s chore today 🙂 Rosary decade- The Resurrection.

Math – drills
Latin – 3rd page Translations; adjectives modifying direct objects, derivatives
Book Sharing – 3 Poems from The Complete Flower Fairies, pg 237-239 from Besty & the Great World (about the Passion Play), pg. 37 of Francie on the Run, Several Selections from her Daring Book for Girls

Math – drills
Latin – finished second page translations & derivatives; loading all his Latin vocab into an Excel spreadsheet in his hand-me-down pocket PC from daddy 🙂
Book Sharing – Ch 25 from A Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Pg 165…from #5 Hardy Boys Hunting for Hidden Gold, pg 48 from Robin Hood

Valentine picture for daddy
Hundreds & Thousands Chain & Arrows

Golden beads in ten bead tray
St. Nicholas DVD
RA: 1 is One & Around the Year by Tasha Tudor, Who is Ben by Charlotte Zolotow

Book Sharing Time: Everyone choose 3-4 from different genres fiction/non-fiction/etc and share certain sections/pages/quotes, etc.

My list – The Violet poem from Harp & Laurel Wreath, Read Aloud pg. 37 of Winter Holiday by Arthur Ransome and a little from Ch 1 of Ivanhoe (hysterical)

Lunchtime RA:  Linnets & Valerians today!  Baked potatoes.

Afternoon of Valentine making and prep for a hsing group party tomorrow.  Knitting and Classical Music.

Mediterranean Chicken for dinner, early ballet for Violet.


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