Tuesday – Feb. 19th

Lenten Scarifice – Learn a Psalm of Thanksgiving today.  Rosary decade – Agony in the Garden.

Latin – translations independently, derivatives
Math – worked some problems on percents
Grammar – 1st day lesson 11, more on expository writing, wrote first impressions of her reading
Geography – Worked on Virginia/West Virginia NB page
Lots of independent reading in afternoon
Prepared dinner for us tonight!

Math – lesson on computer, Evaluating Expressions
Latin – partial 2nd page translations
Worked w/S-P
Piano 45 minutes
Outside Play!

Read aloud the first five Little Stories for Little Folks to me, then Moveable Alphaet words
Short Bead Chains and Squares Presentation w/Me; placed arrows, AWESOME!!
Outside Play!

Sorted Color Bears w/Matthias
St. Patrick video (he loves this one)

Lunchtime RA today – The Holy Twins

Nap and knitting time, blog checks, afternoon clean-up, dinner prep, outside time with boys after S-P’s nap.

Violet prepared dinner tonight, yummy!!


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