Friday – Feb. 1st – St. Brigid

Quick morning, prayers, decade of the rosary, read the story of St. Brigid from Celtic Saints and talked about her for a while. 

Latin tests for both Matthias and Violet.  They are doing great with the Latina Christiana programs!

Violet :
Copywork – Paragraph from Old Fashioned Girl

Seamus played with Sean-Paul most of the morning, watched St. Patrick.

Daddy took both bigger boys skiing for the day and Violet and Sean-Paul and I had a lovely day baking new tea-time treats, knitting and talking about Old Fashioned Girl and Little Men, our current reading.

Sean-Paul took a nice nap after playing outside with Violet for a while after lunch and we managed to get in a delightful tea-time the three of us after he awoke.  Fun day and a nice finish to the week with the Feast of St. Brigid!

Salmon for dinner with green beans and a baguette, very tasty!


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