Tuesday – 10/2 – Guardian Angels

Breakfast celebration, blogged about it here


  • Math – new lesson and drilled all facts
  • Latin – 2nd page worked with me
  • Grammar – worked on poem, oral grammar adjectives


  • Math – new lesson and drilled facts
  • Latin – 2nd page and recitation of Pater Noster
  • Grammar – Thrush poem; oral with me
  • Science – read another section in "Levers" and spent much time keyboarding part of his narration


Presentations- Knobbed Cylinder work/all four blocks presentation (blogged recently The Ultimate Challenge)


  • worked block 3 of Knobbed Cylinders with me
  • opening/closing activity
  • bead stacker/sequencing
  • shapes puzzle

Teatime today in honor of the Feast of the Guardian Angels.  We tried making the "Angel Whispers" from Joanna Bogles A Book of Feasts and Seasons and they were a complete flop 😦  They tasted good, but stuck fast in the muffin cups and had to be carefully peeled so as not to leaveany paper to taste, yum!  We had a beautiful discussion about all the references to Angel’s in scripture and everyone had a turn recounting their favorite story.  Seamus chose "Daniel in the Lion’s Den" to RA as it has the Angel Gabriel in it 🙂  I also chose to read a story from my Little Saints Preschool Program about a little boy’s guardian angel and how his wings turn different colors when he’s helping his little charge be good.  Everyone colored an angel page with all the different wing colors, Seamus especially loved this as it was his first time hearing this delightful little story!

Clean-up and afternoon chores, outside play.

Violet and I had an opportunity to work on and finish the AG nightcap!  It’s adorable.

Chicken Curry and cucumber salad for dinner, always yummy!


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