Monday – 10/1 Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux

Began as usual with prayers, and then I read from all the Treasure Boxes on St. Therese (1-6) and then we said a decade of  the Rosary.

I then reviewed schedules with Violet and Matthias and kind of got us back on track from our holiday. 

No new Presentations today.

Choice Time:


  • Never forget a Face matching cards with me
  • Red & Blue Rods
  • Matreoshka’s all afternoon


  • Parts of a Bird Coloring –Seamus (he loves these)!
  • Airplane drawing and sticker/labeled – Seamus
  • Sound Bins "o" and "g", then Sand Writing Tray – Seamus


  • Planet Blaster math facts

Other Learning:

  • Latin – new lessons – Violet & Matthias
  • Grammar:  Violet writing her own poem (and grumbling about it I might add 😦 )  Matthias went through a Spelling lesson with me orally and He used some of the words in sentences
  • Science – Violet beginning Blood and Guts, note taking and discussing with me, Matthias reading about "Levers" in The New Way Things Work

I posted about our beautiful celebration for St. Therese here at Sweetness and Light!


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