Advent Week One ~ 11.30.09 to 11.04.09

Monday ~ Started off a bit slow…As is per usual, but especially because we have just come off of a massive Nutcracker rehearsal and opening weekend whirlwind, not to mention the fact that we celebrated Thanksgiving and the First Sunday of Advent all in the past week, whew!! We did manage to begin our Jesse Tree readings/felt ornaments and Advent Cubes (we're going chronologically this year for the little boys) and we also began I Saw Three Ships by Elizabeth Goudge, such a good one 🙂

Matthias:  Grammar – Read a portion of The Greatest Skating Race and narrated to me, then I read it back to him and he copied from dictation. He also worked on memorizing Casey at Bat and copied the new stanza. Reading – On the Wings of Heroes; Religion – Practiced his Latin Mass responses with his audio tape from Fr.; Geography – Sweden major cities

Violet: worked mainly on her Ivy Basket gatherings – Reading – Anne of Windy Poplars; Poetry – memorizing The Lady of Shallot; Grammar – typing her final drafts; Babysat in the afternoon for piano teacher's daughter; more reading in the afternoon.

Seamus:  Cello Lesson today 12-1; Math – Division work w/me Mammoth Math; Grammar – reviewed learned Green reading word/pic lists; RA – Abraham Lincoln and then he lined up all our President's flash cards to find out where Lincoln fits into the timeline. He was excited to reach him at 16 🙂 Read Billy & Blaze to me!

Sean-Paul: cocoa and Gingerbread Friends w/me; played most of the morning.

Tuesday ~ Advent morning basket:  Jesse Tree bible readings – Adam/Eve & Original Sin, Matthias placed apple, Apple Cube; December meanings, mottoe and poetry from Country Diary of an EL; Book of Virtues – Marley's Ghost excerpt from A Christmas Carol.

The usual – Math w/Seamus working on divisors and beginning factoring.  Matthias managed only a few problems on solving to find solutions for ordered pairs. Violet – no math today/worked w/SP on his new Gingerbread Baby shelves.

Gingerbread Baby shelves Dec 09

Seamus – 1/2 hour cello before lunch. Math – more division work; Botany – painted an evergreen tree; Grammar - more learned Green Reading cards, copywork letter "h"; Abe Lincoln narration & copywork; Read aloud Counting to Christmas

Matthias – Grammar – ILL #236 Selection for Study "Winter"/discussion ?'s w/me; Reading – War Inventions (shells and explosives); Math – A+ Notes Ch 7 work; Botany – Douglas Fir

SP – RA Gingerbread Friends aloud to him while he ate his breakfast. Played Gingerbread baby pompom game (super cute). Violet did a roll and color with him earlier and he cut it out very well.

Gingerbread pompom game

Violet – Grammar – finishing typing up all her writing portfolio work. Ivy Basket work. Math – A+ Notes Ch 7 work; Botany – Holly; lots of reading in the afternoon

Wednesday ~ light morning basket, Jesse Tree readings, Advent Cube; prayers and devotions, read, then sang aloud "Over the River and Through the Woods"!


Matthias: Math – working through equations in lesson 7-2; Grammar – gave him dictation containing plurals (review); Reading – On the Wings of Heroes; Piano lesson in afternoon (I babysat today).

Seamus: Math – L51 w/me; Grammar – Green Reading "ar" word/pic list – copied; Reading – Seton reader; Knitting – still plugging away on his hat 🙂

Sean-Paul: don't for the life of me remember what he did today???

Thursday ~ Advent morning basket - Jesse Tree readings, Advent cube, RA –  Once Upon a Christmas Time, Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve to SP while he ate his breakfast.

Violet: Ivy Basket findings, knitting, reading; Zoology – Birdopoly w/ everyone!

Matthias: Math 7-2 finish, Grammar – ILL# 248 reviewed rules; Reading – On the Wings of Heroes; Piano 1 hour, basketball practice in evening. Zoology – Birdopoly w/everyone.

Seamus: Math – L52 w/me & skip counting 3's and 7's; Grammar – Green reading word/pic cards "ay" list – copied, sentences – copied; Read aloud from Beginner's Bible; Religion – 2nd Commandment lesson and copywork; Zoology – Birdopoly game with everyone FUN!!

Sean-Paul: not feeling well today, fever in the night and up alot, poor sweetie 😦 I was extra tired as well, does not make for a good mommy day. Lots of videos for him today…

Friday ~ First Friday Mass and home for making our St. Nicholas paper crafts 🙂 SP stayed home with daddy.

I can say that I was truly thankful for the end of this week 🙂


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