tuesday 11.10.09

Morning Basket ~ daily prayers, final day of Holy souls novena, St. Gertrude prayer for Holy Souls, good morning song (SP's favorite besides Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above), "November" in CD of an Edwardian Lady, RA – Apples Ripe and Rosy from CHC's 1st Communion prep lesson plans, always a good one 🙂

Violet: worked w/SP during basket time; Math – A+ Notes Literal equations cont from yesterday's lesson; Lingua Mater – L35/day2 narrative of figurative writing; Reading – The Silver Sword, National Velvet; Knitting – she's already working on Xmas gifts (I should take note 😉

Matthias: worked on a baseball diagram during reading time; Math – A+ Notes Literal equations cont from yesterday's lesson; Grammar; Lingua Mater L5/day2 Verbs; History – reading War Inventons by Charles Gibson (Baldwin project); Other reading – Enemy Brothers; Piano practice 45 minutes;

Seamus: flew a paper airplane towards me during reading time that had "I love u" written on it 🙂 Math – Division lesson 46 Saxon 5/4 review for him, he got it right away and did the practice set quickly with colored bead bars when necessary; building train tracks w/SP; Cello practice – 25 minutes

Sean-Paul: Leaf number cards, arranged in correct order, cut out pictures from Ranger Rick for his ABC book w/ sissy, ate his toast while Seamus RA to him from Seton reader 🙂 Building train tracks w/Seamus;

Lunchtime – RA 2ch's WW, Marine Bio for Violet, worked on her sponges (porifera), watched some sponge videos and look at tons of sponge photos, very cool!

RA's w/SP – The Tale of Two Bad Mice, The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies (we watched Miss Potter the night before 🙂

Dinner – Potstickers, Jasmine Rice, and Edamame with salt and olive oil, yum!! (Better than take-out)

1 Ch each of Children of Noisy Village and Dr. Doolittle to Sean-Paul and Semaus at bedtime.


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