Thursday 11.05.09

Morning Basket ~ Prayers, novena, singing, started Themosticles, read Creation story in SP's newly gifted from Matthias Beginner's Bible, Poems – The Lady of Shallot for Violet to begin for her Ivy Basket – ala Ann w/an "e", read beginning of Horatius, Seamus recited "Where Go the Boats" and immediately SP wanted me to help him say "Rain" which he is determined to learn 🙂

Violet: Lots of reading, I didn't catch it all, but she finished Anne of Windy Poplars! Math – A+ Notes 6-8; Zoology: Marsh Rabbit

Matthias: Math – A+ Notes 6-8; Zoology – Long-tailed Weasel;

Seamus: Clocks, Mixed numbers/fractions worksheets, Zoology – Viperfish;

Sean-Paul: Zoology – Rattlesnake;

Lunch – RA 1 ch of Winged Watchman. I did an animal charade (the Kinkajou) for the kids while they ate, these are fun and can be done with anything 🙂

Afternoon- Violet worked on some confirmation ?'s, Matthias began inputing baseball stats into an Excel program, Seamus working on some knitting and embroidery (a Xmas present, shh) Sean-Paul played.

Later, SP and I read his new (and very first real chapter book) The Children of Noisy Village. We sipped cocoa w/marshmallows and enjoyed about 3 ch's together, sweet boy 🙂

Lots of lego creations/movie making (hysterical!) The boys also got in some of their circuit workout time in the garage (remember the RAIN?)

Cello practice for Seamus 1/2 hour, Matthias got in an hour of piano before dinner.

Seamus picked The Story of Doctor Doolittle for his next bedtime RA, I did my best British accent for him.

Beef Stew w/Leeks and Popovers for dinner.

Power went out for about two hours after dinner, very exciting storm in the middle of the night as well! Hello November!


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