wednesday 11.04.09

Morning Basket ~ Singing, St. Charles Borromeo: collect, morning prayers, St. Gertrude prayer for the Holy souls, Holy Souls Novena – day 2, St. Pharaildis (More Once Upon a Time Saints), The Garden Tools (A Child's Book of Stories from Many Lands)

Math- A+ Notes 6-7 translating words into variable equations;
Reading – Anne of Windy Poplars, Catholic Girls Guide.
Geography – Located, identified and drew all the Archipelagos of the world land/water forms w/Matthias
Copywork – Quote from Anne of WP;
Grammar – helped Matthias out with his "debate" lesson (she was the affirmative rebutal πŸ˜‰

Math – A+ Notes 6-8 translating word problems into equations and solving for variable;
Geography – Puzzle map of Europe – named all countries correctly, land/water sandpaper forms w/Violet blindfolded
Copywork – 4th stanza of Casey at Bat, recited all;
Grammar – debate lesson w/Violet from ILL;
Reading – Enemy Bros.

Math – Time worksheet to the minute, Mixed Numbers & Improper fractions worksheet;
Cello lesson;
Copywork – from Home Geog L2;
Listened to Billy and Blaze w/ SP;
narrated last ch of WWatchman at lunch;
PS2 w/SP.

Brown Bear m&m sorting and graph w/me;
Newt coloring page (fact file);
Finger Stamping falling leaves picture w/Violet;
"In the Child's World" lesson on Autumn birds w/me. 

Lunch – RA 2 ch's of The Winged Watchman, kitchen clean-up.

Afternoon – Matthias working on new Baseball stats science project, Lego movie creation work.

Violet and I discussed the end of the Sunflower in Catholic Girls Guide, moving on to Ivy.

Boys doing a workout circuit with the punching bag, stairmaster and calisthenics, hysterical!!! (Gee, I should be doing this too!)

RA w/ SP – Blaze Shows the Way (CW Anderson).

Ballet tonight, Lettuce Wraps and Basmati Rice, pumpkin pie πŸ™‚


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