Monday/Tuesday 11.02.09 – 11.03.09

Monday ~ Feast of All Souls; Mass at 11:30 with everyone. We accomplished a little Morning basket reading ~ The Winged Watchman, some poetry selections, listened to Mozart's Requiem.

Everyone did some Math and grammar, then we headed out.

After lunch we realized that our day was free as the piano teacher's daughter was ill (poor sweetie). So we read more Winged Watchman (great book)!

Violet polished her Marine bio project 

Boys played intermittently outside and inside, LOTS of lego action going on, there's a new challenge to enter, pieces to create, pictures to take, descriptions to be written ~ all very secretively 😉

Dinner – Provencal Vegetable Soup (Barefoot Contessa in Paris), Homemade Buttery Rolls.

Tuesday ~ Morning Basket: Feast of St. Martin de Porres; read from both Saints for Young Readers and The Children's Book of Saints; talked about being "missionaries of love and mercy" like St. Therese and began our Holy Souls from Purgatory to Heaven poster/Church Militant poster! Finger Play "The Mill" for SP, prayers for the Holy Souls (St. Gertrude prayer) Holy souls novena Day 1.

Violet: Math – A+ Notes 6-7 translating words to equations;

Matthias: Math – finished 6-7; History – Baseball timeline;

Seamus: Math – finished L45, clocks and finished his 9's skip counting; History -we  finished Columbus (D'Aluaire)/discussion; cello practice;

Sean-Paul: a few activities on his "Leaf" shelves, mostly messed around today 😦 Watched St. Nicholas w/his cocoa; listened to our lunchtime RA, then outside after lunch.

Lunch – RA 2ch's of Winged Watchman.

Afternoon – chores, reading, knitting, music time for SP, piano practice for Matthias.

Ballet night for Violet.

Dinner – Chicken Stroganoff (Saving Dinner)


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