thursday 10.29.09

Light morning basket today ~ read from a sample of Nature Friend Magazine, very nice, ordered subscription promptly!  H/T: MaryEllen and Jen πŸ˜‰

Math – Multi-step equations w/variables in A+;
Zoology – she opted to work on her Marine Bio project;
Reading – Anne of Windy Poplars; Rested all afternoon (pooped)!

Math – Multi-step/cont. from yesterday;
Zoology – Baraccuda research & oral report
Reading – Enemy Bros., Baseball Encyclopedia (brushing up for tonights World Series game 2 πŸ˜‰

Math – skip counting review 5's & 6's marked squares, Inv 4 in Saxon 5/4 fractions & decimals reading tenths, hundredths, thousandths :);
Zoology – chose the Baltimore Oriole and the Bullocks Oriole to research and compare and then gave a lovely oral report;

Sean-Paul: mostly messed around, sigh…why are some weeks better than others??? He managed to do a little presentation on the River Otter for Zoology, cute.

Lunch – leftover Ribollita and bread; then started our new Historical fiction RA – The Winged Watchman while Violet organized her embroidery tin and the boys built lego creations.

Kitchen clean-up, chores and music practices including SP on the Glockenspiel, he sets himself up for practice every day now, very cute!! He's pulling out all his Musikgarten cd's and listening regularly to them as well, he's a music boy just like the others :)))

Sean-Paul and I made a Pumpkin pie together πŸ™‚ Then had to dash to the store for one ingredient mid-pie, yikes!! Also grabbed books at the library.

Greek Salad w/Naam and Hummus for dinner, kids had grilled burgers and crinkle fries.

World Series game 2….


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