friday 10.30.09

Morning Basket ~ Art Ap – Fresco of the Church Militant and the Church Triumphant by Andrea di Bonauito at the Museo di Santa Maria; then we had a discussion about the Communion of Saints and how we fit into the Universal Church as pilgrims of our faith still living on earth and why it's important to be praying for people on all levels of the Communion of Saints. 

I read aloud several October poems and notes Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady (the fruits and berries she spied in October), "To Autumn" by Keats, "Give to me the Life I Love" by RLStevenson, "That autumn eve was stilled" by R. Browning; then we moved on to Athena and Arachne from D'Aulaires Greek Myths

Free Choice Day, also share some work from the week, and tidy up day: 

Violet: Shared her Horse NB work, some geography work on cities of Italy, and a titch of her Marine bio project, she'll complete and present it on Monday! Worked on Marine Bio project, reading Anne of Windy Poplars.

Matthias: Shared some Latin responses from memory, and his Math accomplishments in his algebra book. Worked on a History of Mariners Baseball team/created timeline; Reading-Enemy Bros.

Seamus: Shared his Columbus drawing, his Leaf rubbings book and his Fractions-to-decimals math page. Math, paper airplanes from Dangerous Book for Boys, listened to ch of Trumet of the Swan.

Sean-Paul: listened to Athena story and then went down for breakfast (he's such a late riser compared to all the others). He brought me a stack of books including: The Book of Virtues and I read "The Sword of Damocles", Christina Rossetti's Sing-Song Nursery Rhymes and I read "Hope is like a harbell trembling in its birth", If You Were My Bunny by Kate McMullan (a reading/singing boardbook he loves).

Lunch- RA 1 1/2 ch's Winged Watchman.

Ballet rehearsal and watch night for Violet and I đŸ™‚

Our little village has commercial candy hand-out this afternoon, so my older boys decided to go down, Matthias with a friend and Seamus w/daddy. Tomorrow we'll have our own All Hallow's Eve carnival, should be a fun weekend, All Saint's Party at our parish as well.

Happy Weekend all!!


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