wednesday 10.28.09

Morning Basket ~ Sts. Simon and Jude; Saints for Young Readers; prayers; finished Snow Treasure!!!

Lingua Mater – picture study, synonyms with me;
Religion – Catholic World Culture about Cardinal Mendszenty/discussion with me
Reading- Anne of the Windy Poplars and an American Girl History novel (India?? need to check)

Math- worked on Multi-step in A+ Notes 6-6, did great on his own, he's got this down.
Saints Stories – St. Maximillian Kolbe – discussion/narration w/me;
Reading – Enemy Bros.

1st thing – Skip counting review 6's, 2,3,4's and a hop-scotch 3,4,5's, listened to RA and then off to his Cello lesson w/daddy (back for lunch).

slow morning for him, listened briefly to RA, then wanted to watch a Caillou w/cocoa; Coloring/Pumpkin stuff

Lunch – Sticky Buns for St. Jude (he gets us out of sticky situations). Prayers and petitions to St. Jude.

Afternoon – Matthias and SP played legos.  Piano lesson and we babysat both the piano teacher's kids, whooppee! It was entertaining to say the least…

Seamus and I did a Home Geography lesson about directions, using a compass, etc. We mentally mapped out how to get from the park to our house walking and from his bedroom to the schoolroom. Then I typed out some copy work for him to reinforce the lesson.

Lots of Marine Biology research/note taking by Violet, she's preparing her project for Friday.

I wrote down quite a bit more for this day, but somehow typepad ate it or didn't save when I hit save??? It was a good day and people were busy busy…

Ballet night.

Dinner – Ribollita with Homemade Artisan Bread.


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