tuesday 10.27.09

Morning basket ~ morning prayers and singing; helped Seamus choose a RLS poem to begin memorizing (Where Go the Boats); read aloud 3 ch's of Snow Treasure.

Listening in the Learning Room: More Vivaldi and Nature Sounds 🙂

Math – A+ notes, cont yesterday's work;
Botany- Sunflower sketch/parts/description;
Lingua Mater- Synomyms work;
Written narration/book review for Miss Happiness and Miss Flower;
After lunch- Marine Bio – project research!!

Math – A+ notes, cont yesterday's work;
Botany- Leaf shape cards/definitions;
Grammar – ILL #202 "The Gleaners" picture study w/me,
Copied another stanza of Casey at Bat;
Reading – finished Motor Boys;

Cut & pasted many jack-o-happy pumpkins (he's making a mobile);
Math – skip counting 12's;
Grammar – homonyms cards matching game;
After lunch – Religion FYC w/me beginning the Ten Commandments/copywork & catechism/Moses;
Reading – independently read in his Seton reader;
Cello practice 25 mins

P Sound Bin (beginning Pink Reading Series) w/me (includes sandpaper 'p' and HWT wood letter 'p');
Colored St. George from our new and very handy Saints CDs from Catholic Artworks Co.
Tried the Pumpkin quilt block puzzle, but he got frustrated as the pieces kept moving around on him 😦
Cut and pasted shapes for a jack-o-happy

History RA time – Snow Treasure 2 ch's

Lunch – little boys outside for some ball play, lunch clean-up, laundry switch

Dinner prep, ballet tonight. 


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