monday 10.26.09

A little bit of a late start but not a bad monday morning  🙂

Morning Basket ~ Talked about the beautiful Feast of Christ the King (Traditional) and yesterday's sermon by our beloved priest.  Read about the Evening Primrose from HBNS and accompanying poem, wished we had some in the yard. Singing,  St. Everistus (1st c. trad calendar) 

New week of activities for SP "Pumpkin Theme" very fun! She's really enjoying putting these together, and such a big help to moi!!
Math – A+ Notes 6-5 2-step equations w/variables;
Lingua Mater – Week 34 picture study/synonyms day 1;
Reading – Downright Dencey (I think) and others;
History – Landmark about rise of Moussolini/Hitler
Marine Bio – spent a long time researching her topic for project week!!

Math – A+ Notes 6-5 2-step equations w/variables;
Grammar – Casey at the Bat/began memorizing (and recited from the book at Poetry time) copied first stanza into his poetry book;
History – SOTW4 The Marshall Plan;
Reading – Working on Motor Boys, almost finished

Math – squares/square roots drill, skip counting 11's, Mental math from L 43;
Green Reading sounds aw/au;
RA w/SP and I "It's Pumpkin Time" and Lifecycle of the Pumpkin 3-part cards;
made a pumpkin mask;
History – RA Christopher Columbus (d'Aulaire) and sketched an incredible picture from the cover design of Columbus, then dictated a narration of the first portion to me.

Pumpkin Seeds game with me,
Letter stamping  activity;
made a bakeable eraser from Matthias' kit;
paper cutting – triangles,
RA w/ Seamus and I "Its Pumpkin Time" and Lifecylce of the pumpkin 3-part cards; 

Lunch – Left over Beef Bourguinon (yum) RA – 3 chs of Snow Treasure.

Afternoon – Seamus Cello, Matthias Organ, Violet babysit and Marine Bio research on her new project (shes really excited about it, might be a year long project in the beginning stages!!!)

Stir Fry for dinner/bean and cheese burritos for the kids.


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