thursday 10.22.09

Religion work for everyone while I snuck in a quick waffle and cleaned up the kitchen, SP finished Nim's Island w/cocoa. Nature Sounds background music.

Morning Basket ~ David Nevue while I RA 2 ch's of Snow Treasure, we're at a really good part and want to read it every chance we get!! A few RLS poems "Escape at Bedtime" and "The Cow" (Violet has fond memories of this one as it was one of the very first poems she memorized as a Kindergartner ala Laura Berquist's K syllabus πŸ™‚

Math – A+ Notes lesson 6-4 Solving 1-step equations/check work
Zoology – worked on her History of the horse and shared her findings on "The Shire"
Reading – A Gathering of Days by Joan W. Blos

Religion – read about Guardian Angels and shared
Math – A+ Notes lesson 6-4 Solving 1-step equations/check work
Zoology – chose a King Cobra to research and present 
Reading – Handbook of Nature Study – weather and climate pages

St. Francis w/ colored pencils
Math – skip counting 9's; L-41 Subn across zero (three-digit)
Zoology  – Trumpeter Swan research and presentation :)

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Little Saints activity page w/me.
Dog's Colorful Day visual discrimination cards/felt dog activity also w/me;
then again w/me – Math work with golden beads 1's and 10's and number cards (he's really not quite ready for this yet);
Zoology – Hairy woodpecker cut out a picture and added it to his W page then shared his information with us all (very professionally I might add) πŸ˜‰
Outside to rollerblade before lunch;

ALL ~ Art Appreciation time: viewed and compared four different Autumn scenes, each child chose a different one to re-create with oil pastels (pics coming soon). Listened to Vivaldi's Autumn again!

Lunch: delicious leftovers and 2 ch's of Snow Treasure!

Afternoon – outside time for all three boys, kitchen clean-up and email check.

Violet worked on her Mangroves page, then trying to finish up her Confirmation ?'s for tomorrow's class.

More reading and outside time, knitting stuff, dinner prep…

Matthias decided to make Panna Cotta (from Barefoot Contessa at Home).

Cello practice for Seamus about 25 minutes. He's got three really nice pieces he's working on right now – Tarantella, Elfin Dance and Dance Rustique. Piano after for Matthias.

Ballet for Violet and rehersals tonight. Quick library stop for pick-ups! (Need to do another pick-up post soon πŸ™‚

Minestrone for dinner and homemade bread (not sure which one yet, but a bread machine selection tonight)!

Looking forward to the weekend πŸ™‚


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