Tuesday 10.20.09

Morning Basket ~ St. John Cantius (traditional)-collect and Epistle reading from James; read from Treasury of Catholic Saints-St. George and the Dragon; decade of the rosary and singing; G is for St. Gabriel (The Angel's Alphabet by Hilda von Stockum)

worked on more activities for Dog's Colorful Day for SP;
Math-cont. 6-3 exponents and simplifying equations/dist. prop;
helped SP get started on a craft activity for Dog's Colorful Day (so cute) and then left for her Ortho appt w/daddy (we're hoping they bring back lunch from the Market for all of us šŸ™‚

morning reading Honus and Me (got paperback version for his bday);
Math- cont. 6-3 exponents and simplifying equations/dist. prop;
Grammar – ILL #197 subject/predicate review & copywork from Harp & Laurel Wreath "Flint's Island" underlined & circled subject/pred;
Science experiment-making a battery from Dangerous Book for Boys (he needs to do more of this)

watercolored from Fenestre Fidei-St. Francis of Assisi;
Math – skip counting 7's, Investigation 3 (Saxon 5/4) w/me squares and square roots;
Listened to Shell Book w/SP then PS2 w/ SP before lunch for a bit

Violet started him on an activity;
played a card/coloring game w/me; then we read What Lives in a Shell, a Read and Find Out science book;
PS2 with Seamus before lunch for a bit

Lunch-YES!! Humbow (sp?) and gyros from the market, YUM!! Thank you daddy šŸ™‚

Afternoon – Little boys outside, rollerblading, basketball, scooters and bikes. Then they came back in and played Parchesi (sort of).

Matthias 1/2 hour of piano, then played Divinty w/Seamus, now they are building something on Lego Factory (I think it's a church with a Traditional Latin altar :) I wonder if they'll include a communion rail, have to go check progress….

Violet worked on Marine Bio – searched some sites for Light & Color info, still trying to complete week 6 so we can try our hand at project week!!

Ballet tonight, Monkey Bread rising on the counter, getting ready to peel and roast a bunch of veggies for a yummy Roasted Vegetable Soup (ala Ina). Better get some Artisan bread going too!!

Whew, is it only Tuesday???


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