Monday 10.19.09

Morning Basket ~ St. Isaac Jogues, St. John deBreuf and Companions (our parishes namesake Saints) Saints for Young Readers; Singing; Poetry-more RLS "Looking Glass River" (delightful), "Autumn" by Emily Dickinson, "Fog" by Carl Sandburg, "Vagabond Song" by Bliss Carman, "The Mist and All" by Dixie Wilson (all in FPON)

Helped Sean-Paul with his new shelves, played a game with him;
Math-Math-A+Notes 6-3 Exponents/Applications;
Lingua Mater-four more stanza's of her ballad;
History-started Escape from Warsaw (aka The Silver Sword by Ian Serralier);
Marine Bio- reading, notes & discussed possible projects

Helped Seamus with our new daily wall calendar;
Math-A+Notes 6-3 Exponents/Applications;
Grammar- ILL#196 read and discussed/outlining;
History-started Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery

Stained glass coloring;
Math- number lines and mixed numbers, skip counting 6's;
Cello practie 2o min;
Reading- read aloud to Violet from Owl at Home

Sean-Paul: played a Dog's Colorful Day game w/sissy (Violet's new weekly theme for him);
D sound bin with me, Dogs Colorful Day colored dot glueing activity w/ me;
helped me unload d/w and started laundry load;

Lunch-RA 2 ch's of Snow Treasure

Afternoon – Matthias organ lesson, Violet babysat and we reviewed her Sunflower basket and decided where we wanted to venture with her Literature basket, Seamus Cello lesson.

Didn't get to any hands on Marine Bio today…

I finished Betsy's Wedding last night, planning to start The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge next (Violet's stack for me 🙂

Started a new knitting project over the weekend, something for myself…just trying it out…

Dinner- something with all the yummy root veggies in our organic bin this week….


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