Friday 10.16.09

Morning basket ~ St. Hedwig (traditional) collect; prayers and singing.

Finishing up her confirmation homework, went over several questions with her at breakfast;
Tidyed up her school things from the week and cleaned out her cubby/filed in her notebooks;
Off to class w/daddy;

Started with piano 20 min;
Played Toy Story 2 Monopoly w/SP and Scrabble w/Seamus simultaneously (it was QUITE entertaining for me!)
Math-managed a few more problems on yesterday's sheet;

First up today with me,I read aloud 2 ch's of Trumpet of the Swan with him;
He knitted while I checked email, then we served everyone hot cocoa and tea and toast;
Played Scrabble w?Matthias;
Cleaned off his very messy and cluttered work table (I'm afraid he takes after me in the cluttered surfaces arena, sigh…)

Played Monopoly w/Matthias;
Stories w/me while he finished his breakfast-Dog's Colorful Day;
Colored a raccoon picture;

RA – Magic School Bus Plays Ball to all three boys.

Latin Daily Mass and lunch of bagels and apples in the car on the way to pick up ballet slippers for V-Nutcracker!!

Cello lesson for Seamus, then home.

Afteroon play time and clean-up.

Chinese takeout for dinner – it's been a l-o-n-g week….Happy weekend friends!


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