Thursday 10.15.09

Morning Basket ~ St. Teresa of Avila-collect, morning prayers-spiritual communion, singing;
"The Wise Ant" and "Walter and His Dog" from The Children's Kindergarten Hour;
more RLS poetry-"Foreign Lands" and "Windy Nights" again for SP πŸ™‚
Children's Golden Bible "The Coming of the Holy Spirit" and talked about Violet preparing to receive her Confirmation this year.

Helped SP during morning basket;
Math-A+ Notes simplifying equations with variables/combining like terms using dist. property;
Zoology- wolf research reading and presentation;
Lingua Mater- wrote 5 stanza's of her "ballad";
Collected many library books from her room that have to be returned today, sadly the library is cutting us back to 50 books per card instead of 100, sob!!! Reading- Finished Blue Willow; started another…

Created some "how to draw" booklets during morning basket;
Math-A+ Notes simplifying equations with variables/combining like terms using dist. property;
Zoology- Komodo dragon research reading and presentation;
Grammar- ILL#187 Diary of a cat for a week, very entertaining!!

knitted during morning basket;
Zoology- Eyelash Viper (started learning how to do a research for an animal w/Me) looked at Enchanted Learning and found nothing specific so I googled and found a great link at WhoZoo πŸ™‚ He did a very nice presentation telling some of his facts he discovered!
Cello practice 1/2 hour

worked on some coloring for his forest animals activities w/Violet;
He unfotunately had to be removed from the schoolroom on several occasions this morning due to disruption 😦 Some days are really hard for him, grrr….
Zoology- spiders, looked at MANY, showed everyone pictures of MANY!! His presentation included lots of information about what spiders like to eat, hysterical!! Cutie πŸ™‚

Lunch-poached eggs on toast and bananas; made granola bars while the eggs poached; lunch and kitchen clean-up; little boys outside-skinned knee on SP/icepak/bandaid/lots of kisses and hugs and sympathy fom Seamus & I/Popsicles w/a Max & Ruby show (all better:)

Afternoon ~ Matthias and I made shortbread dough together and talked about some of the books he's been reading this week πŸ™‚ He decided to use our assorted leaf-shaped cutters and spent the next hour or so creating his cookies! YUM! 

Helped Seamus with his knitting and knit a few rows for him to speed it along πŸ™‚ He read aloud from his Seton reader the story of Jesus blessing the little children.

SP came up and asked if anyone wanted to say the rosary with him (HELLO!!!) and so of course I did, drop everything and kneel down with him, OOOh such a sweet boy!!

Then little boys discovered some Michael's wood craft kits I had stashed and went to work putting them together, it was a glu-ey time had by both of them ;-) 

RA – ch of Snow Treasure, everyone enjoyed a shortbread cookie πŸ™‚

Took Violet to Ballet, boys to gym for basketball w/daddy.

Groc shop, library stop, post office to mail a Mondays With Mary to Australia!!

Ground Turkey Tacos and Cannelinni Beans w/garlic, red peppers and spinach for dinner.

Looking forward to some knitting this evening… TGIF tomorrow!!


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