Wednesday 10.14.09

Morning Basket ~ Listening to Nature Sounds; decade of the rosary with the boys; St. Callistus-collect, morning prayers and singing; Robert Louis Stevenson poems-"Autumn Fires" "Singing" "From a Railway Carriage" "Windy Nights" "The Wind"; read Frisky's Nutting Party from Child's Stories from Many Lands; Catechism questions for Seamus and SP.

Still feeling kind of poohey so took her book review sheets and other books and notebooks to her room to work for the morning, we're praying for her to feel better quick, we miss her cheeriness in the schoolroom!
Came up for lunch, feeling better, whew!!Finished her embroidery work for a special quilt block she's creating πŸ™‚
She also managed a couple of book reviews for me to add to her reading page. (I need to get going on Matthias' page too…)

Reading- finished Captain Nobody and narrated it to me (cute book)!
Math- working diligently on some A+ algebra, solving equations when x=?
Grammar- ILL# 179/184 Synonymns/Homonymns review/words pairs, sentences using homonyms
Afternoon piano lesson;

Awoke and began his new knitting project (a super hero cape for his gingerbread man that Violet knit him) on the couch even before cocoa and breakfast;
Math-Skip counting 4's;
Morning cello lesson;
Cursive practice

asked to say rosary first thing and handed them out all around πŸ™‚
He wants his own math book so he can do his numbers in the squares (what is it with grid paper???)
Made lots of squiggles in his mini-cop "spy" notebook "that's my secret code mom!"
Discovered the Rocks and Minerals tackle box and began taking each one out and comparing to some loose rocks/minerals we have.

Lunch-Homemade Brioche sands for the boys, Cream of Cauliflower Soup w/bread for V, daddy and I, yum!

RA-ch of Snow Treasure

Babysat for Violet during M's piano lesson, little boys played around with our little guest and Seamus knitted some more – he ripped out the super hero cape and decided to knit himself a hat instead, I casted on for him and knit the first four rows πŸ™‚

Hmmm, time to think about dinner.


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