Tuesday 10.13.09

Morning Basket ~ St. Edward the Confessor; collect, Saints Stories for Everyday and Our Island Story. Oxford Book of English Verse; "For the Baptiste" by William Drummond, "The Character of a Happy Life" by Sir Henry Wotton, "Weepe you no more sad fountaines…" Anonymous; Kids painted their St Edward's (thanks MatildaπŸ˜‰ and Violet worked on some different horse faces in her sketch book.

Math-more A+ algebra; solving word problems with variables;
Lingua Mater-pre-writing her ballad;
History-read Ch 29 and marked dates on timeline;
Marine Biology-working on her shell collection identifying and classifying;
Reading-didn't catch all her books today, but I think one was Downright Dency, others…

Math-1-8 solving equations with inverse operations;
History-reading Ch 29 end of WWII  (never finished from yesterday, didn't like the Atom Bomb ch 😦
Latin-practiced Mass responses;
Grammar-outlining lesson/drafted his descriptive paragraph of a grocery store;
Reading-Captain Nobody (funny, he's enjoying this one) 

Math- Skip counting 3's and Saxon 5/4 L: 35; using words to write mixed numbers, money;
Cello practice 20 min's;
Reading-new Seton reader "These Are Our Friends" independent reading, then read a ch to me πŸ™‚

started the morning w/cocoa and a Max and Ruby,
Forest Animal Alphabet matching upper and lower case letters with clothes pin πŸ™‚
Owl shapes worksheet w/Violet, then he colored the whole thing with an orange colored pencil;
Storytime with me-some Parables of Jesus (TdeP) Mary Mother of Jesus-Flight into Egypt and Findng in the Temple (also TdeP) Come Along Daisy,
Botany-First lesson from "In the Child's World" Fruit and he worked on the lifecycle of a fruit (apple). This is a question and answer style kindergarten/pre-school lesson from the late 19th century, very dear little lessons and he really liked it πŸ™‚

Lunch-RA from Snow Treasure 3 ch's

Little boys doing Cars PS2, Violet not feeling well, sniffly and scratchy throat, pooh!!! Matthias and I discussing the future of technology… 

Rainy afternoon, perfect for a Sour Cream Coffecake and lots of good books, may even pull out my knitting and dust it off πŸ™‚

Printed out some art appreciation pics (scroll down a bit) from Barb at Handbook of Nature Study to use in conjunction with our Autumn Nature Studies! LOVE THESE!

Dinner- Grilled steaks, mashed potatoes and zuchinni with parm!


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