Monday 10.12.09

Monday ~ morning basket-Lord Byron- "She Walks in Beauty"; The Amateur Naturalist, a few pages; Violet read about the "Turkish towel" seaweed she found yesterday at the beach.

Math: A+ Algebra Ch6 solving equations w/varibles
Read Klickitat Island w/SP and showed him his new Forest Animals area (she organized his work area over the weekend and created all new activities based on Forest theme šŸ™‚
Lingua Mater: working on finishing Week 33/day 3& 4
Reading: Miss Happiness and Miss Flower by Rumer Godden, Anacaona (Royal Diaries)
Homekeeping: read parts of intro in Home Comforts-discussed the difference between "playing at homemaking" and housekeeping/what are the things that make our house "tick"
Afternoon-read about Marine grasses, notes.

Math: Pre-algebra worksheet-solving equations with variables/finding true solutions (1-6)
Grammar: ILL #180-Descriptive sentences 
Piano: 1/2 practice (Organ lesson this afternoon)
Reading: The Singing Tree, SOTW 4 for History-end of WWII 

Math: Skip counting 2's, Saxon 5/4 L:34 numbers to hundred-millions, number word cards
created cover for his 2nd grade subjects notebook
Cello: 1/2 hour practice
Reading: Seton (independently) RA last ch to mommy (woohoo finished it); looked at awesome Sword book I found in the new books section at the library over the weekend/ he showed it to Sean-Paul and they marveled over many pictures together, then I read aloud some of it and especially a snippet from Beowoulf included!

Forest activity w/Violet-hunting for animals and their tracks (Download Texas Tracks) (he likes to do this with a magnifying glass in hand šŸ™‚
Hot Cocoa w/a Caillou
Played in his Forest animal activity area (I'm pretty sure I saw some marine animals join in for a party!!)

Grandpa arrived for a quick cup of tea and chat, his delivery made some big & little people very happy.

New Lunchtime Read-aloud: 1st chapter Snow Treasure!

Violet babysitting, Seamus cello lesson, Matthias Organ lesson, Sean-Paul and I storytime: Dr. Suess' Wish for a Fish, The Amazing Trail of Seymour Snail, all the while building elaborate roads and towers with cherry tree blocks. I think there was some egg shaker juggling as well….

Curry Chicken and Rice Soup, Homemade Bread and salad.


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