Rest of Week ~ 09.15.09 – 09.18.09

Weekly recap, since I never posted after Monday πŸ™‚

Tuesday Morning ~

Christina Rosetti "The Wind"
Baltimore Catechism "The First Sins"
Ch 2: Thomas Burgess autobiography
Seven Sorrows of Our Lady, discussion

Matthias: finished fractions review
Violet: Confirmation Baltimore questions t/f
Seamus: lesson on mixed fractions with me
Sean-Paul: tracing dinosaurs

other stuff, Matthias: hour of piano
Seamus: 20 of cello and lesson after lunch
Big boys had tennis, Violet ballet, Sean-Paul park play with me.

Wednesday morning ~ our Artsy time with music! Also a little math was completed by everyone and plenty of reading.

lunch: Swallows and Amazons
piano lesson for Matthias
Violet babysat
boys played around her and made a huge mess for me to clean up
burned the granola bars I started just before piano teacher arrived, sigh… 
more reading
outside play for all during which I discovered this site (thanks to Christine) and downloaded all sorts of delightful FREE goodies!! Sean-Paul had a great time working on the bumblebee in the I is for Insects pack, too cute!

Thursday morning ~ more watercolor postcards during which I read aloud: Stigmata of St. Francis followed by great discussion on the five wounds of Christ
Burgess finished Ch 2
The Magic Flute from The Children's Kindergarten Hour (a library gem)

Violet: confirmation catechism ?'s, writing assignment for Lingua Mater, "Anne" copywork and discussed some favorite sections

Matthias: Math – order of operations review, Edmund Campion (affectionately refered to now as "Eddy Camp") grammar lesson 2 in Lingua Mater, 1/2 hour of piano

Seamus: math worksheets on measurement, number word search, used his protractor for several different things, read aloud to me, 20 min of cello

Sean-Paul: colored pictures, stories with me

afternoon: outside, last tennis, park, ballet, library

Friday morning ~ Anniversary day! St. Jospeh of Cupertino, morning collect

Busy morning before Violet's confirmation prep class.  Read aloud from Story of Mankind about the beginning's of WWI. Then it was time for her to leave with daddy.

Boys~ music practices, reading, snacks, time to prep for Mass and go!

Seamus: cello lesson after Mass & lunch (yummy baguette sammy's) beautiful day, lots of outside play, Sean-Paul in pool for a bit, then tea party with V & M πŸ™‚

Anniversary night concert!! Pure bliss πŸ™‚


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